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Thursday, 15 May 2008

The Maritime ShiT has HiT the FaN

- -- --- SECOND POST --- -- -
Right my British Chums
first watch this
( Jordan Maxwell Short Video -OR- Audio )

Google Video Link : 16mins
(( see first post for full length video ))

listen to these for a better insight
(( iMan : for the Legally & Technically Minded only ))
** NOTE **
The below text will not make sense to you if you dont listen to atleast some of the above. And I am trully Sorry if this post upsets you but i feel compelled to post it now since Caspers last update.
(( Original Casper text continues after these loads of relevant links with the most recent additional links added at the top ))
(jsm: sorry i took so long all, but heres all the latest pods updated. havent listened yet so cannot comment. theres so much going on at the moment and its all for the good so stay tuned...NjoY!)
God Bless the IRISH. It took enormous courage for them to stand alone like that. No telling what the E.U. PARLIAMENT(ILLUMINATI) will do to pay them back.
If the announcements do not confirm the end of BUSH'S HLS, PATRIOT ACTS, CORPORATE GOVERNMENT and exit from Bankruptcy and ADMIRALTY LAW and return to the ORIGINAL ORGANIC CONSTITUTION then the war is not won. If the war is not won ,we must fight for our Constitutional Republic or roll over and give up and give in to the corrupt CORPORATE ILLUMINATI GOVERNMENT and agree, on behalf of our grand children, to their future and permanent slavery.
BUSH to World Court Monday then on to U.S./E.U. summit in Slovenia. Meanwhile Sarkosy meets with Merkle in Germany. Then BUSH to Germany to meet with Merkle then on to Paris to meet with Sarkosy while IRELAND votes yea or nay whether to ratify LISBON which is actually the EUROPEAN CONSTITUTION REDUX. Then BUSH to Italy today to meet with Berlusconi before meeting the POPE at the VATICAN Friday the 13th then on to England and Ireland as STORY holds back his insider Intel so his computer doesn't blow up. Meanwhile corn hits $7.00/bushel for the first time in history and the cow jumps over the moon. Do you reckon something is going on??
((jsm: well done Ireland, you made me proud! but David Davies, WoW! i do love it when i am totally outsmarted, and for the better. Well done David, you have my FULL support! now go bring our votes back home to us once again... L&L jsm))
( jsm: so its Centralisation full steam ahead! and when were these muppets elected? ;)
(jsm: not related? - oooh i do think sooo!!! - oops! did the BBC miss this :-)
Look for a Major Bank and the Fed Res "system" to crash. Metals backed Treasury rises. Constitution is restored and "EMERGENCY POWERS" ended or else "WE HAVE ONLY BEGUN TO FIGHT".
If this TREASON has not been successfully dealt with before our funding , Let US see to it that the job gets finished, that every American be advised of the truth of what happened to the REPUBLIC, THE CONSTITUTION, THE COUNTRY AND TO THEMSELVES.
(jsm: took the words right out my mouth Casper)
Get ready spooks, your day is coming SOON. It's time your kids and grandkids learn the full extent of your TREASON.
The latest information presented in the Casper Update at noon today has sparked righteous rage in many of us. The U.S. Congress have laughed at NESARA for eight years and scoffed at those, who believed in it and their ability to implement it. After years of treason and fraud of every kind by this U.S. Congress and Administration to steal the people’s money and control th
e world, they suddenly realize that the little people have quietly eroded away their bulwarks and are about to implement NESARA. Oh, frightful thought!
((( jsm: now my dear beloved british chums, i cant tell you what here is or isnt the truth, hell im just a blogger right!!! - but what i DO KNOW is my british government and ALL its corrupt institutions have not been telling me the whole truth either. They have totally and fundamentally LET ME DOWN!!! )))
(jsm: Well, yet again James gives a brilliant overall summary of Current Geo-Political Events taking place, hence it being in here, aswell as his continous delivery of an excellent Sciene Topic. Wheres the BBC when you need it?)
(jsm: my advice, time to dis-banden and retire for good. Your days are now done. Go spend some more time with your families & friends while the likes of me now be given a chance and opportunity to make a change. Thankyou...)
He would not live to see his people turn to the descendants of a man, far more powerful than him, who would be born just over 1,000 years later in Germany, a man named Bauer, who would spawn the
Rothschild dynasty.
He would not live to see this dynasty usurp the wealth of the world through deception and intrigue, which they would finance through the vast riches they accumulate as they usurp the wealth of the world by gaining control of the world’s money supply.
(jsm: oh boy oh boy oh boy,,, drip drip drip!!!)
Yesterday/last night the unconstitutional Lieber Code Military Congress demanded the unconstitutional Admiralty Courts stop the constitutional "NESARA" announcements and rule that EXPOSURE of all their illegal acts would be illegal including the opening of the SUITCASE.
(jsm: now why does this resonate with me so... ;)
(jsm: Go Ireland now go, make me proud!)
(jsm: and isnt it amazing just how much AIR time a certain British rep gets on the BBC. now what on earth am i trying to insinuate here eh? hmmm? aaah, na! point made now move on jsm, move on!)
(jsm: hmm, im a bit behind so appologies all on the Story vod-casts. But i feel compelled to say, that before i have even compiled this, i allready have my suspicions. you see, something that was done by the naughty naughty baddies didnt work, and the ramifications of what took place could now be, well, ive said enough, and my focus has now changed for ever, and will never again be waivered by those means. i trully forgive you all, and only hope that in time, you will all be able to forgive yourselves for all the wrong-doings you have done against the WHOLE of Humanity. For me, its time to move jsm)
((ps. panicking! - oh no, its much more than that!!!))
(( right my British chums - an immediate crash course update on the economy. listen to atleast 1 of each of the latest added files from these links. oh, and if its the bubblegum version you want please go here... ))
(( -- AAGold -- FConnection -- EPacific -- FSN -- ))
Our Intel regarding the 25% off the top BUSH/CHENEY/WORLD BANK SCAM with G-8 and WLD. COURT approval as reported by STORY and others yesterday, and again today, remains the same as we previously reported which is that THEY did not get the money and THEY are not going to get the money.
Isn't it interesting what money will do to people? Or greed? Or what people will do for money? Is this not an appropriate last minute warning as to the care we must each take in our dealings with anyone anywhere in the financial community?
(jsm: isnt it so Casper, isnt it so. Fear not tho my british chums, this is ALL neccesary for the cleansing, and then for the BETTER and more PRODUCTIVE future for our childrens. Well, thats what I BELIEVE anyway. love&light all, now go shine!)
(jsm: whoooaaaahww there, Bilder f**n who, i dont remember us in the UK voting for them. Ah well, heres goes. As declared under MY SOVEREIGN RIGHTS, I now humbly declare this bunch of ningkompoops NULL AND VOID! - wow, how easy was that! - and obviouslly the BBC were distracted by the lone Global Conspiracy theorist AGAIN LOL hahahahah)
News yesterday was Bilderbergs called EMERGENCY afternoon meeting (Cheney involved) in advance of scheduled start this morning. He wanted war-immediately-we hear, but didn't get it. This morning the Sec. of the Air and the Airforce chief of staff "resign" as had Admiral Fallon some weeks ago. All opposed an attack on IRAN.
How does the raid and "capture" of 7000 safe deposit boxes and vaults in LONDON Tuesday play into this? WE don't know-yet.
(jsm: sorry! Bilder-WHO? - i dont remember voting for them. Do you my British Chums? Didnt see the BBC cover this either? I dont remember being asked about them Gordon when you and Tony became members? hmmm, ;)
Kennedy had issued EXECUTIVE ORDER 11001(if memory serves) to Treasury to begin issuing sovereign U.S. silver certificates currency alongside the FED RES fiat currency. Johnson's first act as President, on Airforce one enroute from Dallas to D.C. with the widow Kennedy aboard was to reverse or cancel that executive order.
((jsm: aah! and talking of Ireland... Enya - May it be))
((jsm: Thanks to a Feathered Friend for much needed advice & guidance. All points noted and WILL be anchored. But why is the simplest of, the hardest of, for the likes of me to do. Grrr, but I will!! - sooo much thanx feather and yes, i will be that too now :))
MADAME WU has once again been recalled to CHINA we hear for non-performance causing the G-7 and World Court to intervene with BRINKS this morning to get the stalled deliveries back on track.
(jsm: and all i have to do is I sit,,, and I watch,,, and I wait. But innevitably the truth, always manages to manifests itself, eventually. When and Where is not up to me, but seems to be part of a Divine Plan of sorts, of which only now, I begin to see taking place... love,light,learn&live. jsm)
It's not US, mind you, but the information itself which sometimes triggers action by people who are in a position to take action.
---! iMans Back !---
2008 05 21 :- the 13th ammendmant, The Jesuits & Monarchies anti-Republic Retoric, The Vaticans Negro Aggitator & Enslavement Agenda, The Executive Branch, The Juditional Branch.
If the sources are to be believed, U.S. President George Bush's government will resign, before his term expires, and will be replaced by an interim regime headed by Al Gore. This will start a 2-3 year transition period during which suppressed technology, such as free energy, will be released and a new system for running the planet will be implemented, according to these two sources. "They [The illuminati] know their rule is ending but they do not want it to end in an ugly way," the security police source says.
Dear Benjamin. As much as I am trully your servant, I must now inform you that as long as you and your Representatives choose to support the likes of Al Gore, who is believed to be Illuminati, hence another Rothschild & Co or Vatican or Royal or Mason, and thus UN_ACCOUNTABLE and UN-ELECTED, he is NULL and VOID. And while the US still lacks a Constitution, then I sadly cannot support this move. Perhaps you should sit for a while and watch this presentation. in Love & Light Ben... jsm
It has been suggested by some that Russia may be the nation which is the most advanced in the field of scalar technology. Perhaps even ahead of the U.S. in this field. Some visionaries have predicted one day Russia may also play a leading role in a new spiritual renaissance for the people of the planet.
When we think of scalar energy, most tend to emphasize its destructive capabilities, and its use as a weapon. It should also be noted that scalar energy can be set to a frequency that can shield, heal and regenerate this entire planet.
(jsm: sooo many people now making sooo much sense. what a wonderfull world this is going to be.)
Princess Diana's mother is a Rothschild (Jewish), so technically, Prince William is also a Jewish Rothschild by blood. And he, of course, is positioned to be King of England- and hence, many believe the ultimate controller of the entire global secret government/Rothschild Octopus that includes the Committee of 300, M16, the Round Table, the Royal Institute for International Affairs, the CIA, Mossad, the state of Israel, and their myriad corporations, think tanks, intelligence agencies, false business fronts, etc.
(jsm: well, i knew aalll this, but will go on the record and say that Princess DI - IS - and - ALWAYS WILL BE - my princess, and in my heart of hearts, trully believe her to be the first to have broken away from the TOXIC ROTHSCHILD CESS POOL OF POWER. my princess lives on, and always will. love&light -- oh, ps, they will ALL abdocate due to SHAME, and the Monarchies will cease to be, and very soon too!!!)
Did you see the CNN interview with Scott MeClelland yesterday in which he says BUSH is on COKE? He answered the interviewer by saying "yes, i said that, it's in my book".
WE THE PEOPLE, AKA the United States, with the assistance of the Dragon and all the thoroughly pissed off countries of the world, are applying claw and hammer technology to the fingers on the bowl.
(jsm: stand down jsm stand down, Four Winds is back up. - And May the Dragon Shine on us all spreading the only true message of Peace. And with that, i bow down unconditionally, and take my place as your honest and humble servant. Now go help save my beautifull beloved planet and all its wonderfull Creatures. And make me proud! Now Go!!!...)
jsm: Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Hobie for Bringing me back down to Earth on this subject. And I have to add as said below, there is evidence out there that WE the UK also have a Tesla Technology out there somewhere? Is it true, hell I dont know, but I want to!!! - In fact, this could be a move by other Sorts to effectivelly set the US up to be blamed.
But of-course, ALL the above could be UnTrue, anyway a must-read!
BUSH and ROBERTS and the CROWD also known as the UNITED STATES are holding on to the side of the toilet bowl with their fingers and teeth as the swirling water sucks them into the underground sewer system where they belong.
(jsm: Dont worry, Im sure the Four Winds problems will soon cease to be.)
(jsm: The London Bankers get their well deserved beating again, hello Rothschild & Co, and Ben talks about the Quakes and the use of Tesla Technologies that might have been used. hmmm, doesnt the UK have its own HAARP base somewhere outside the UK. Oops! have i done it again 'you know who's. more info please? Copyright : go subscribe!!!)
(jsm: i will be trying to add other relevant pages to the audio menu from the Alcuin&Flutterby blog but bear with me as this takes some serious time. I would also strongly advise people who want a more Spiritual Enlightenment to Read or Listen to the Handbook for the New Paradigm.......sshhh, its time to wake up - love, light, learn, live. )
jsm: Right all, its time for you to goto James's McCanneys Science Hour Podcast shows Sub Page and listen to the last 2 to 3 shows atleast for an excellent indepth insight into Tesla Technologies aswell as the TRUTH about the so-called NASA 'Dirty Snowball Comets'. Science Hour is the ONLY source of Scientific Information that I would personally recommend you listen to AND rely on. He also gives a continous running commentary on his home-page so watch that too please! And so you know, a link to his Site is always available in the Podcasts Menu. Now Go & Get Informed...
(jsm: sshhhh, wake up,,, wake up...)
(jsm: Me? My opinion? no no no the American people are most certainlly NoT the Emeny, it is the Constitution that is the enemy!!! -Aaah, but of whom and to whom is the Constitution the Enemy of, aaah now we are all getting somewhere. love&light&learn.)
(jsm: i will keep this very f**n simple, and very f**n short. Two Wrongs do NOT make a Right. Bear this in mind before you make your decisions from now on. Regardless of which side of the fence you are on now you will have to live with your Decisions. There is no get out of Jail clause anymore!!! Anyway, for the Record, China WONT attack, and there WILL BE a Public Amnesty in Disclosure. There will be NO MORE WAR, PERIOD!!! My advice to Chine, Go Speak to Benjamin. He can Help!!! My job is the UK & the US Constitution. And when Ben is ready, I will be waiting. love,light,learn,live!)
(ah, one last thing, all nasty baaad naughty eeevil weapon ridden satelites in space will now simply dissappear with a PooF! - but what the f**k do i know eh)
(jsm: look, everyone knows im a believer so no ambaguity there then! - But even I can spot a fake story LoL -hahaha - LOL - fishing rods any1. Oh, for once peeps, stick to page 3, thats about as good as it gets. ps. hello Murdock, Empire collapsing now is it? good! :)
(jsm: worth the read but wont be happening. You see, if China did, then wouldnt they be taking over a lot of Debt. And as ALL Sovereign rights are now going to be given back to EVERY eating shitting sleeping breathing Human Being on this planet, regardless of paper assurances, there will be Garuntees, of which even I as an EX Athiest (lol) know what that means...
Companies Dont Care - People Do!
love n light
...and i badly need some f**n sleep...
Rothschild = 51.3% of the Federal Reserve !!!
Rothschild = ???% of the Bank of England!!!
as above so below
(jsm: look, im still learning too, so if there needs to be more info in here, get it to me, all of you!!!)
(jsm: forget the 2012 bit. expect it NOW!!! as i do - As above, So Below... also working on nesara audio. ps Yes this might be a FRAUD but your Intuition will guide you aswell as your eyes, and it will be from the SKIES. Dont forget to say Hello, after all we are Related :)
Selamat Jarin! We return, full of information about what is to happen around you. As we speak, many incredible events are ready to manifest. The most important of these are those specified by a series of legal documents, known to you as NESARA. This legislation involves mainly America; however, its broad implications affect the world at large.
Casper Update: May 28, 2008
(jsm: dear readers, hold on tight, and one last word from me to the LADY. im just so sorry you had to wait so long...)
26 May 2008 - World Reports (jsm: im working on the audio)
Read the 46 page "insert" in the STORY update from the ex CIA man as delivered to Congress last week if you think you can handle it. It will make you physically ill as you learn the depths of the BUSH/CHENEY/CIA/PENTAGON/HALLIBURTON/CARLYLE corruption all backed up by Presidential Executive Orders authorizing them to steal vast sums from taxpayers and supplies from the troops. This will give you some idea just how bad things really are.
"They are destroying the Constitution"
(jsm: better late than never my friend, better late than never. And i also FULLY understand the predicament you and your family are in but will garuntee everything within my power to safelly see the light of Day in Disclosure. You have my word Sir! ps - listen carefully to the audience, they dont have a clue, do they. but all in good time they will. ALL will!!! pps - dont rely tooo much on the BBC either all, do your own research on the NeT, aint that right Rothschild!!!)
(jsm: MUST READ ALERT, MUST READ ALERT does it again.)
(jsm: a must read for nerds like meeeeeee!!! - And dont forget when the US sneezes we in the UK get the cold eh!)
(jsm: Me? naaa, why bother buying Davids Ickes Book, when he got his Maritime info from the main man. Same as RCH actually. (yeeesss i knew all that saga tooo huh!!!) People, go straight to Jordan Maxwell, thats J for Jordan and M for Maxwell. Or just watch the above vid and start Googling & Yahooing... w - g - y - oh, nice try tho)
Rothschild & London Maritime Masonic Muppet Bankers
Did you, Well? its a f**n simple question peeps, did you? - Did you fund BOTH sides of the Wars, or WW2 for example? Did you finance both sides of a War where we lost many Brothers, Sisters, Moms, Dads, Friends, Relatives, and Man Made Foes...
Well Roths f**n Child, DID YOU??? - ;)
Whether deliveries were to be today as ALL sources heard, or tomorrow as most are now hearing, the announcements were definitely scheduled tonight and the media has received orders from BUSH and JUSTICE and THE SUPREME COURT not to air them. MURDOC at Fox was also involved somehow.
(jsm: My opinion? Easy!!! - NO-ONE gets paid EVER, untill every eating breathing shitting sleeping living human being on this planet gets paid. Thats it! - simple really!!! and Murdock - No! you dont f**n say)
On this subject, its history and meaning as it relates to the CORPORATE UNITED STATES, it is not STORY, but rather "S", your own personal professional resident analyst and researcher who has spent months summarizing for you on Fourwinds decades of research effort by those who devoted their lives to this subject. Become an expert yourself by reading the documents posted by "S".
Casper does not understand Story's several consecutive references to "refloating the dollar". Refloating the fiat FRN's would be the same as recapitalizing the issuer, the unconstitutional Federal Reserve. It would leave "them" in control of the world and spell a continuation of fractional banking, the ability to create new money with bookkeeping entries.
(jsm: hmmm, now tell me something i dont know. pay attention to the Geometery all. And nooo,,, it looks to me like Casper understands perfectly and needs just a little more faith in his/her own conviction. PLUS - eh Rothschild & aaalll the 'you know whos', is it sinking in now - And when do you think we should tell the British TAX-PAYERS who Ken Livingstone was really working for and why you are closing down all those Offices? Were we paying for them eh! - Ouch! im f**n good!!! But hey, what do I know, right???)
((oh finally - Rothschild again. Is it getting quiet around you my friend. How are your Stocks and NGOs doing m8. You had better go check again, and warning, this ones gonna be BBIIIIGGGGG!!! . love n light all from someone who actually gives a shit!))
(jsm: well, that takes care of that then...)
(jsm: hmmm, now whats that name im after, Roths-something, aaah, something-Child!!! - nah, too easy! - ps Millerband? know him do you, hahahahahahaha - thanx to ::: BEST EVA SITE PERIOD!!!!!)
(jsm: i do like it when a good post brings me right back down to Planet Earth)
2008 04 23 - LRLN Greg Szymanski & Eric Phelps on Leo Zagami
jsm: When everyone was living in the Boom n Celebrity Era, i was totally skint (lol still am) and listening to free podcasts from many sources from around the world, one of which was Greg. And it goes without saying that in all my times of tuning in, Greg has never waivered. Between him anf John Phelps, they have now managed to confirm yet MORE of my suspicions, and Leo and his Handlers must now change Tact. You are more and more Doomed by every day that passes 'you know who'. A HinT to Leo, the trick my dear friend is to absolve yourself from all Power of Authority. Once you Conqour that, you will inevitablly prevail, but untill then, you will merelly be the blind led by the blind. luvnlite...
by Andrew Hitchcock - on The French Connection
'you know whos'
aaaahh, well, its happening now, isnt it. just watch your basell 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 whatever bullocks n bullshit, numbers faaallll from your monitors, and watch your minions squarm and squeel dates names and numbers before ALL THE GLOBAL PUBLIC TO SEE. And watch as your Trusts, NGOs, Corporations, and Off Shore toxic paper NOW implodes ;)
Restore US Constitution before its too late 'you know who'
but hey, What the F**K do i know!!! Right?
love n light all
The Staff
Oh BoY! did I f**k up big time with you, and AGAIN!. I now realised what you meant about the X post and its links. I am so sorry, and now ALL has been TOTALLY removed. I know when its me thats F**D up and this time i f**d up. Im sorry sorry sorry sorry!!!
ps regardless of the above, when the time comes, and the resources permit, you have my word, a public platform to tell the world your truth, as with ALL Truth Seekers, regardless of my stupidity and carlessness, of which might hinder the Truth, but will never get in the Way of it... again, im Sorry!
jsm: LOL - 'you know who' - well, I did try n warn Leo, but yet again the Power Corrupts, the Power Corrupts you see. Leo, think of your Son, would he say what you are doing is right??? would he??? and the 'you know whos' -LOL hahahaha, just look at the paper trail you keep leaving, all those names, all those facts for me to exploit when the time is right...
Maritimers - now WATCH your Toxic Economy Collapse!!!
...the change of our courts from common/constitutional law to admiralty/merchants law incorporating them and turning them into the "JUDGE'S" personal piggy banks and agents for the creditors of the Bankruptcy i.e. the QUEEN, the VATICAN, etc. etc..
...That Admiralty Courts be closed and merchant law and "for profit" Judges swept out to sea...
(( jsm: dont the Rothschilds Bank for the Vatican? ))
( ::: read it here ::: download ::: )
A strange thing happened today. We learned that high level Military are saying the Illuminati are in total control, they play us like a fiddle, they sit back and laugh at us about how easy it is to send us on wild goose chases.
[jsm: Its been pointed out to me my emails might now be getting interfeared with. Now allthough i couldnt give a flying f**k as i trully have nothing to hide, I feel compelled to point out that WHEN the time arrives and the resources permit, i will get FULL ACCOUNTABILLITY all the way up. So regardless of the circumstances, you have now all been warned. Keep it formal and accountable or not at all please. Thankyou!]
MADAME WU has been found to be sleeping with the BUSH'S--AGAIN. You may recall a year or so ago when she was over here and was suddenly called back to CHINA TO BE EXECUTED we were told by Chinese sources at the time. She was playing footsy with BUSH way back then to the tune of trillions of dollars.
Chart 1 reveals the linear connection between the Rothschilds and the Bank of England, and the London banking houses which ultimately control the Federal Reserve Banks through their stockholdings of bank stock and their subsidiary firms in New York.
(Rights Reserved : Phil whoever you are. DOWNLOAD)
Zagami goes on to state:- The wellknown Federal Reserve Bank fighters Ed and Elaine Brown had, moments before Zagami called in, been arrested along with the security chief Rino Gonzalez. According to Zagami the US Marshalls, FBI, ITF were responsible for this unjust arrest. READ ATTATCHED TEXT
jsm: WoW!!! - is it all true, you tell me. But if it is, they are falling apart from the inside out now, along with their Economy. Its also good to see that Lloyds got the message, and hopefully now they will spend a little less money on GLOBAL CATASTROPHY WARNINGS ON BLOOMBERG and spend a little more time cleaning their off-shore balance sheets!!! Oops! am i in trouble now Lloyds???
Illuminati groups may have been paid on the computer but have not accessed in front of us. - 10 countries paid on the computer and prepared to waterfall down to 200 but can not access in front of us.
Where the Jesuits or the Vatican involved with 9/11
Is the Pope LYING about his Sexuality?
(jsm: agreed about VKD, agreed about the Leo 'Crisis', i did warn those not to shit on their own doorsteps. What goes round Comes round, as above so belooow. Greg an agent, hahahahahah LOL. hmmm, 'you know who' and all i do is sit watch wait n learn. ps thanx for these whoever ;) )
(All Rights Reserved : troyspace)
(jsm: dont worry Leo, not all Muslims and UK Citezans are baaad i promise. And about your Lloyds problem, reminds me of their Bloomberg Ad, they seem to have lost their way and have another agenda now. Not for long tho. As above So below! Your problems have been noted... Finally i will simply say that ANYONE supressing ANYONE ELSE is automatically restricting MY Soverign Rights to Info. Lloyds should spend a little more time disclosing their TOXIC BALANCE SHEETS but aaah, all in good time. I know jack F**N shit, Right? - jsm)
(jsm: Me? - well, i dont think anyone will get paid, well, not yet!)
(All Rights Reserved : troyspace)
(( 2008 05 09 --- 2008 05 05 --- 2008 04 30 --- ))
jsm: the latest file is VERY interesting indeed, and sadly draws me to the conclusion the Leo has been blinded by Power and Authority, as most seem to do in the end. Me? - ah, you MUST adhere to the laws of Creation, and i mean those beyond our interpretation, and those defining our environment. There is a change a coming, with or without Me! or them, there is a change a comin...
(ps previous broken file-lengths repaired - sorry, my fault!)
It's not just CHINA'S BANKS overloaded with Counterfeit U.S. Debt Obligations..the Saudi's are in the same boat.. read: COUNTERFEIT U.S. DEBT INSTRUMENTS which were originally intended to bankrupt the Gold Banks of the other Banking Cartels who opposed The UK & US Fed. R. Banking Systems predatory banking practices of violating the TENDER LAWS by giving fiat, worthless Fed. R. Notes as "credit" alleging it was "money" for hard assets such as Real Estate and so forth.
Thursday 15 May 2008 13:27
(jsm: for the RECORD. updating 133 file twice to esnips causing problems saying This file is no longer available on eSnips!. but it is here. if this continues, it will be straight to my MP Jacqui Smith, and the press come what may. 'you know who' make this problem dissappear please! or perhaps Benjamin Fulford can help?)
The NESARA global prosperity programmes are on the cusp of being announced and activated. One of the protected funds involved is called The Saint Germain World Trust. This fund contains deliverable precious metals and currencies worth upwards of one quattuordecillion USA dollars. The word quattuordecillion is sometimes spelled quatrodecillion. It means ten thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, million dollars. Or $1 with forty noughts after it.
(jsm: Me? - Do I? - Hell Yeah!!! - Why Not? - But Do YOU!!!)
(jsm: oooooh, carefull carefull now 'you know who' - soverign rights n all. oh, and whats happening about the missing Canadian Aborigine Childrens bodies and why no reply?... - hmmm, all in good time eh! Disclosure is EVERYWHERE NOW!!!)
Will you consider as OUR mission statement: "To relieve pain and suffering, immediately".
(jsm: couldnt agree more, and those who dont will pay.)

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