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Thursday, 1 May 2008


Exopolitics is the politics related to what should happen if intelligent extraterrestrial life is found and we are able to communicate with it. The people of the world and their... continued on Wikipedia

Crop Circle Summary... ''In the UK, Crabwood of August 2002 was one of the most important crop pictures ever, because it gave us a message directly in English using 8-bit ASCII code. Yet some people have wondered whether it might have been a human-made fake, because its primary message was somewhat obscure?'' Full Article here

Handbook for the New Paradigm
This Internet Edition of the Handbook was kindly provided by George Green upon my request in order to provide the whole planet with the opportunity to view the material. It was posted back in21 October 1999 as a service for those interested in the material. Good for those people just coming from religious belief systems and seeking to expand beyond their current perspective.

Note: The Handbook for the New Paradigm is composed of several volumes of messages purported to be telepathically received from an advanced Ultra-Dimensional race by George Green. You are obviously expected to view this material with discernment ,evaluate it on your own terms and in accordance with your experience. It will mean different things different people, like anything else. The material seems to be of service to people, and for that reason it exists here. Find what is of use to you in terms of your life journey .... and have fun! Val
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The Revelatorium
The Revelatorium talks about Reality. Reality is the rest of the Universe your Soul Atom/Atum sees to on the other side of the veil. Your Reality is your Soul Atom/Atum in residence in your pituitary gland, 'the Lord that sitteth upon the throne'.

The verity of the Revelatorium lies in the fact that it makes a lot more sense in every juncture than the currently held belief about the same point. When comparing The Revelatorium to other literatures of similar subject, you need to be aware of the difference between 'Studied revelations' and 'Divine Revelation'. Studied Revelations are the result of connecting the dots in new ways between assorted pieces of existing texts. Divine Revelations do not stem from previous literatures.

The Revelatorium is a Divine Revelation. Where The Revelatorium is in conflict with existing texts, readers need to read the Revelatorium all the way through before deciding which one should be believed. In most cases you will find that the Revelatorium has expanded the original thought considerably rather than contradicted it.

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Global Awakening News
Commentary and Guidance for Enlightened Change During Rapidly Changing Times.
Anticipated events for 2008 and 2009 include a confluence of nearly inconceivable natural and man-made crises that, by all accounts, will bring about the collapse of economies, governments, and social order. Anyone touched by these events will be so obliged to evaluate what is truly most important in their lives and, for many, what existence itself means. By 2010, nearly everyone on earth will have a vastly changed perspective on life. As we touch upon this in the ending sections, humanity can look forward to its continuity, but only in ways very different than presently imaginable.

Understandably, many people prefer to gloss over or ignore the difficulties ahead and focus on a sort of “positive” optimism that reassures that “all will be well” --eventually. While this may be a useful attitude at times, it is best to be aware and prepared, not unlike looking both ways when crossing a busy street. For those who believe in the power of human intention and divine intervention, these times will demand the greatest focus on higher self and God-consciousness – and the least focus on what seems to be unraveling all around....

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The Physics of 2012 :: 30 March 07
If the 2012 phenomenon is real, it appears to be more complicated than some assume. My research tells me that in no way does it imply the mass ascension of everyone on this planet, because that would go against the freewill of those who instead of being ready for a higher realm are stubbornly content with the lower. Nor will it happen precisely on December 21, 2012 because that date is supposedly based on only two things: when the Mayan calendar ends and when the sun on winter solstice overlaps the galactic center; the first is of questionable dating while the second already occurred in 1998.

The Shift may in fact be more the dimensional effect of a broad wave whose central peak resides on or after 2012, whereby the years immediately before and after the peak might be just as significant. My best estimate is that the window of 2012-2032 is of greater importance than the winter solstice of 2012 itself.
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NESARA - Galactic Federation
Alcuin Bramerton is a human being seeking to operate happily in the post-religious world. The New Spirituality interests him. His friend, Flutterby, is not in physical incarnation on the Earth-plane at present, but he advises Alcuin on spiritual matters.

And there is a lot happening. Unreported by the mainstream media, a man in a grey suit is standing by the yoghurt shelves in a supermarket in Cornwall. He is looking for morphine suppositories. This man is not the promised messiah. Coincidentally, at another remote location in southern England, a man with false teeth is eating a cheese soufflé for lunch.
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Days of Destiny
Much of this information is in Dr. Ghost Wolf's book Days of Destiny, and drew global attention on those all night talks, (Dr. Ghost Wolf made 32 appearances on Art's Show) on the original Art Bell Show as he says " That was before King Arthur ran from the battlefield." But how many of you really paid attention to the messenger we are left to wonder?

Now it is upon us as the Quickening has become the experience of change, and the which is where Art got the Idea for entitling his books in the first place. Change causes the Awakening of the Sleeping gods , lost in amnesia. We are a species of ever morphing dreamers preparing the Stage for Armageddon and the emerging of a new dream.
This presentation covers some of the events and potential experiences that will occur during the first decade of the New Century. What you see here represents only a portion of what you can find in his book titled DAYS of DESTINY.
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Change the World - A message of Peace
Whoever transmitted this translated message to you is irrelevant, and should remain anonymous in your mind. It is what you will do with this message which matters ! Each one of you wishes to exercise her/his free will and experience happiness.

These are attributes that were shown to us and to which we now have access. Your free will depends upon the knowledge you have of your own power. Your happiness depends upon the love that you give and receive. Like all conscious races at this stage of progress, you may feel isolated on your planet. This impression makes you sure of your destiny. Yet, you are at the brink of big upheavals that only a minority is aware of.

It is not our responsibility to modify your future without you choosing it. Consider this message as a worldwide referendum! And your answer as a ballot!

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Summary and conclusions
The main thrust of this whole crop-picture effort seems to be spiritual: Quetzal and his friends are trying to "connect" with us on some deeper level, so that we can make face-to-face contact in the near future. Yet most Earth governments and the media do not want him to come, because then they would lose power. They cannot understand that they may be leading their people to self-destruction, say by 2047 AD: "Much pain but still time."

We still have enough time to change the path of our little world, if many of the spiritually aware people on Earth would take his crop pictures seriously, understand why they are being made, and act accordingly. He would like to initiate a subtle yet profound change in the spiritual character of all humans on Earth. And I sincerely hope that such a change will begin this summer, when new and beautiful crop pictures begin to appear in southern England, then are swept across our world by means of modern Internet communications. Can we afford to wait much longer?

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