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Wednesday, 12 March 2008

The Sphinx, The Links, and The Pyramids.

What exactly is the Sphinx and more importantly who was it, and why is its nose missing?

And just what is being discovered at the Pyramids, and who or what is preventing this Disclosure?

Now you know me by now, I believe just about anything thats got an unusual slant or an Esoterical approach to its theories. Maybe thats what becomes of an Athiest and a Sceptic. But if you listen to some of the latest info leaks supposadly coming out, then there seems to be a LOT more substance to all this wonderfull but sadly burried knowledge...

But on reflection, the more and more I hear, and the more info that gets out, leads me to believe Conclusivelly that the Pyramids are NOT a burial place, but perhaps just the very opposite. Or maybe a natural machine to dissipate Earth dissruptions, or maybe even a Time Machine, or a Star-Gate. YeP! now I thought that would lose you. Anyway NjoY, and stay open, stay open...

Magical Egypt - 01 - The Invisible Science : James Anthony West is excellent in this Video, and really inspires the audience to immerse themselves into another World, allbeit just an Ocean or two away. A Must Watch! A Must Watch!
Part 01 - The Invisible Science
Part 02 - (i wish i knew hmmm)
Part 03 -
Part 04 -
The Temple in Man
Part 05 -
Navigating the Afterlife
Part 06 -
Part 07 -
Part 08 -

'THE' Mystery of the Sphinx : The original video that caused such a stir, when John Anthony West and his Team raised the Water Erosion theories surrounding the Sphinx and the Pyramids.

Mystery of the Sphinx : Graham Hancock is the author of the major international bestsellers The Sign and The Seal, Fingerprints of the Gods and Heaven's Mirror. Listen to his appearance on Coast to Coast.

Lost Secrets of the Ark - Laurence Gardner. With modern physicists, Laurence Gardner has ascertained that mfkzt(monatomic gold) was the secret of the pharaoh's rite of passage to Afterlife.

Ancient Technology/White Powder Gold - with Jim Marrs. It has been widely reported that Saddam Hussein believes himself to be the reincarnation of King Nebuchadnezzar, the Babylonian monarch that tried to contact the prehistoric gods.

Mystery of the Sphinx : An early Documentary on the Sphinx and pyramids featuring Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval and John Anthony West.

John Anthony West on Coast to Coast in June 2007 or visit his Web-Site here for his excellent PHOENIXFIRE Blog Podcast.

Ancient Technology : 2007 Lecture by Jason Martell.

1992 UN Briefing & UFO Footage : Richard C Hoglan, giving a press conference outlining the discoveries relating to the Pyramids and the Sphinx co-inciding with the Face on Mars. Plus the examination of UFO footage depicting an UFO being targeted by an Earth based Weapon.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Well my dear British Chums, as you can seeee I have waaay too much time on my hands (been following this for many years now), and I am probably what you would define as being of the un-orthadox inclined. LOL. But hey, call me a NuT if you wish, but dont forget the White Masonic Elitie Teetie BilderBerger Illuminati 'Square Mile' White Man Type - 'you know who' s - believe in all this too you know. So please bear this in mind and dont forget your Internet Connection is by far the best source for your Information and EduTainment. You see, the minute you find my posts tooo NuTTy and Booorrrring, you Point n Click and you are immediatelly somewhere else where you want to be. TVs dont do that do they...

All my Love and Light to all those who seek it, and to those not so sure, hey dont worry. Just dip your toes in one at a time, and keep an open mind and I promise, if it doesnt ring true with you you will know. And you will know if it does. Dont forget the more you know, the more you will Shine so untill next time all, byeeee!!!!

till next time

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