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Sunday, 30 March 2008

Ms Vendetta - UK Suppressed In The News

The Fabian Socialists are having their way.

Tony Blair is handing the Uk over to the EU. The people are being lied to and the news being spun by hidden manipulators. The unelected European Commission passes down its dictates to the rubber stamp European Parliament. Borders being taken down. Mass immigration. European Police European Army and rapid reaction force coming.
The people were not asked. Where is Democracy? Where is Justice? What Hitler failed to do and what many wars were fought over is happening now in Europe.... the dissolution of borders and Democratic rights. Trial by Jury to be suspended, guilty until proven innocent, no double jeopardy, Habeas Corpus suspended. Things are out of control!! Along comes Ms V to tell the tale. Listen and be afraid!!!!!!!!! This is really happening.....
jsm: well, just another Conspiracy, a Nut Case maybe, or maybe just someone else like me, who is just trying to give a S**T... Dont you think its time you did too?... all my love n light to those who seek it... jsm

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