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Monday, 31 March 2008

The Maritime ShiT has HiT the FaN

- -- --- FIRST POST --- -- -
Right my British Chums
first watch this
Jordan Maxwell - Queen of England Exposed - 40min

Link to Youtube video
(Compact Version with Jordan Maxwell only)


listen to these for a better insight
(( iMan : for the Legally & Technically Minded only ))
** NOTE **
The below text will not make sense to you if you dont listen to atleast some of the above. And I am trully Sorry if this post upsets you but i feel compelled to post it now since Caspers last update.
(( Original Casper text continues after these loads of relevant links with the most recent additional links added at the top ))
The NESARA global prosperity programmes are on the cusp of being announced and activated. One of the protected funds involved is called The Saint Germain World Trust. This fund contains deliverable precious metals and currencies worth upwards of one quattuordecillion USA dollars. The word quattuordecillion is sometimes spelled quatrodecillion. It means ten thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, million dollars. Or $1 with forty noughts after it.
(jsm: Me? - Do I? - Hell Yeah!!! - Why Not? - But Do YOU!!!)
(jsm: oooooh, carefull carefull now 'you know who' - soverign rights n all. oh, and whats happening about the missing Canadian Aborigine Childrens bodies and why no reply?... - hmmm, all in good time eh! Disclosure is EVERYWHERE NOW!!!)
Will you consider as OUR mission statement: "To relieve pain and suffering, immediately".
(jsm: couldnt agree more, and those who dont will pay.)
Happy Mothers Day Mothers.
WE are unable to confirm the 38 VIP'S arrest Thursday or BUSH's resignation before leaving for the ranch, or the pulling of FED RES computers out of the banks Fri/Sat, or the arrival of 5000++ bankers from offshore last Sunday to assist us or several other items but the "smoke" around all this is very thick. It may all be true or none of it may be true. Many many "sources" say yes, WE are unable to verify.
p.s. Story has returned with a lengthy update containing important information, please read on fourwinds or his web-site. He must have finally gotten an education regarding NESARA/Constitutional Law (perhaps from the writings of "S" on fourwinds) as he makes prominent mention of these items in his current update.
Also, if he is aware of the recently expired U.S. CORPORATE BANKRUPTCY CONTRACT and the involvement of HMQ, the VATICAN and other CREDITORS he apparently wishes to avoid the subject.
(drip, drip, drip, splash!)
This writer advanced a contrary view in "The World Order," fixing upon the Rothschild monetary power, which reached a point of world control by 1885, and its London policy group, the Royal Institute of International Affairs,
(jsm: Rothschilds named 29 times in here, ouch)
(Rights Reserved : World Reports) - widget - read
(Rights Reserved : Beyond the Grassy Knowl)
Who are the General Accounting Office? What does Federal actually mean? Do Equity Courts negate the Con-Stitution? US Founding Fathers or UK? 1783, The Kings & Knights Templar UK Plantation Con-Stitution.
((TheForerunner777... jsm: WoW!!! i totally missed this one. Well done m8, youve seen right thru em eh! I believe he's most definatelly on the right track here and dont forget Im still learning too all. And i do believe this small seemingly insignificant addition here, to which all my readers might think sooo not relevant, could turn out to be MORE important and MORE significant than can be imagined. again PeePs, Do NoT believe or dis-believe, as I most certainlly DONT! Merelly absord and asses and evaluate. What do i believe, ah now thats easy peasy, YOU are aaallll your own God!!! - Now go wish and make your dreams come true))
troyspace interviews Leo Zagami about !!!ATTACK!!!
(rights reserved : troyspace) - widget
troyspace ::: Dear friends,
I have recorded a second phone call interview with Leo Zagami in the early hours of the morning (GMT), this one was - believe it or not - even longer than the first one & clocks in at 303 minutes, or just over 5 hours!
In this impromptu interview we hear from Leo & a member of his security - who is recovering from being stabbed - about the attack on Leo’s security team. The Papal-loyal Islamic Fethullah Gulen is fully exposed, Illuminati Sex Magic(k) rituals are revealed & details regarding the highest & most secret 100° of Memphis-Misraim Freemasonry are uncovered.
I’ll also take this opportunity to state that even though we discuss matters of his personal belief & understanding that aren’t my own, I wanted Leo to be able to make statements that were as clear as possible on these matters.
jsm: agreed!!! - while i WILL continue to promote Leo's right to express his values and beliefs, I most certainlly do not endorse them, merelly asking my visitors to use their Dircernment and Intuition while extracting the information...
PS - ALL PARENTS who give a shit about their kids, please listen to the last French Connection link below before blindly trusting others with your Childrens security in future!!!
love n light all
(jsm: i did say, one by one, they will all fall)
(jsm: well well well, once again my intuition has done me proud me thinks...)
(Rights Reserved : The French Connection-P1-P2-) - widget
jsm: Jewish Neo-Con Zionists still F**N with Children eh. Bring back Maddy!!! - People in positions of Power implicated maybe? - is this why nothings getting done. Have they all been Compramised and Corrupted. Barristers Bumped off, Priests Popping one, Bankers Bunking off, Muppets Mamed and Massacred, Politicians Putting off!!! - The ShiT is starting to bounce back. They are getting desperate and the Minions are starting to Panic... Love your Families, Love your Friends, but mostly Love n light all.
(ps if you value any of this, then pleeease donate to these people who are trying to help protect YOUR money and YOUR kids. I sadly cannot afford to at all. Soz Darrel...)
((pps: Houses of Parliment. Why do you pro-activelly push Jewish Referenced Questions in the House of Parliment while NEVER mentioning the Palestinians Cause. Is It Cause Dey is Muslims Maaan. Is de Maritime Masonic Mile Anti-Muslim maaan??? ;))
( I dont thiiink sooo! : As above, So below )
(jsm: whoooaaaw there, but didnt i just say this a while back. NOOO! Im a conspiracy NuT right? - hahahahaha, and wait till everyone finds out what Rothschilds wife has been doing for BoxGang Hillary... EXCLUSIVE - dont forget what i said peeps, Ron Paul WONT WIN, - but EVERYONE who stands against him will LOOOSSSEEE!!! hahahaha - wait, i mean, i know nooothing, right?... love n light all)
ON THE 1st OF MAY 2008 Liberty Lodge No. 1 will be established in the USA by Leo Lyon Zagami and the illuminati resistance opposing the New World Order. The Liberty Lodge is in no way a Masonic Lodge and calls upon and invites All men and women of good intentions to participate and join in these most Fraternal discussions on the future of our peaceful revolution. - widget
(jsm: keep me informed Leo)
She and Mr. Tsi (not Ty) and the ''WORLD COURT'' have all turned out to be VERY professional LIARS.
All intellectuals by now, understand that this hideous institution is a credit cartel, not American but controlled by international bankers, such as ''Rothschild, Warburgs and Schiffs." ;D
"Mr Chairman, the united states is bankrupt ! It has been bankrupted by the corrupt and dishonest Federal Reserve Banks. It has repudiated its debt to its own citizens. Its chief foreign creditor is Great Britain and a British Bailiff has been at the White House and British agents are in the united states treasury making inventories and arranging terms of liquidity ! Mr. Chairman, the Federal Reserve Board offered to collect the British claims in full from the American public by trickery and corruption, if Great Britain will help the Federal Reserve to conceal its crimes..." The referenced passage was quoted from "The Greatest Crime in History" by Louis Mcfadden, call no. *C pv 3409, NYC public library.
(jsm: and all I have to do is Cut-Copy-Paste!!!)
(jsm: another excellent post, that I must personally take on board yet again along with all my readers, just in-case some of the below info is actually dis-info. and thanx to RagnarokJack for this. Please bear RagnarokJack's comments all, as some of my postings here could be links to Dis-Info!!! and Appologies if so and Let Me Know please!!!)
(All rights Reserved : or on Google-Video or Archive
I still fully support Benjamin Fulford and his cause, allthough I am much more interested in the Accountabillity in the UK for very obvious reasons. Interesting to hear a Caller mentioning the Rothschilds and South America. Poor Poor Rothschilds and the London Maritime Elitie Teeties, all the manipulation in the world aint gonna help you now. But you do know where I live when you are ready to talk,
!!!DONT YOU!!!
But we know, and we ask you to know, that what is actually coming down on a world scale involving Governments, International Courts, monetary systems both old and new, exiting U.S. Corporate Bankruptcy-or not, returning to the Constitution-or not, announcements, thousands of arrest, Basel II-or-III, Global Banking, international settlement of debts, debt forgiveness between nations, our individual debt forgiveness, the demise of the FED RES and payoff to current owners, political and/or Treaty settlements reaching back to at least 1933 and likely 1861/64, monarchies, secret societies, the Vatican, the Mormons, multiple international trusts and foundations, Homeland Security, "hit" teams running to and fro, the list of those involved in one way or another is endless. WE don't actually KNOW what they are doing. If we sometimes sound "uppity" because we know this or that detail let this list and these words say loudly WE DON'T KNOW EVERYTHING. And we may know very little in the big scheme of things.
(( jsm: an Excellent post! Why? Because I need to slooow down and NOT get caught up in the Momentum of the Situation. You see, I can feel myself loosing focus aswell as purpose here, so thanx to Casper for that little home truth. BUT - quote me, by the end of 2008, EVERY sleeping eating s**ting breathing Human Being on this Planet is gonna know all, and Casper, aswell as many others will be able to take a back seat and relax, in the knowing that Equality will return on a Global Scale... But hey, what the f**k do i know eh??? - 2008 all, 2008! ))
No no no says the World Court and others. The Pwr.ofAtty. has been cancelled. Ha ha ha ho ho ho, I can't stop laughing. --- The demise of the FED REES and all the other things we have discussed over the years is now at hand.
(jsm: just a pity that the World Bank, World Court, the World 'couldnt give a ****' dont represent me and my Soverignty anymore.)
John Lear Tells All - Google - 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 -
(jsm: Not Relevant? just keep paying attention my British Chums. plus it seems Corso and Schneider are still not forgotten. Goood! Me? WoW!!! Disclosures & Disclaimers pouring out all over now. I wonder if Johns heard this :p, probably where the secrecy started, eh London.)
- mirror - • On 20 April we received a message from a veteran inside source, whom we've never met but have learned to like, respect and trust, to pay close attention to (and archive) this financial comment. Our source warned that it might not last long on the net, saying that "it reflects what the progression will be for the next 9 months.” Whats new on Project Camelot
( ooooh, ooooh, does the US and UK have a Common Purpose Agenda maybe. hmmm, now where have i heard that phrase before eh!!! )
( i sit, i watch, i wait, i type, i watch, yaaawwwwnn! ;)
The Pounds and Pennies are droppin ALL OVER the place now. Isnt it amazing how the Truth always Wins Out in the End. aaaah, DISCLOSURE!!! ( Copyright Cloak and Dagger ))
There were 10 assassins not 5 working for the BUSH'S and CLINTONS.
The 5 in captivity provided the names of the other 5 one of which is/was Roland Carnaby who was killed by Houston Police after a high speed chase Tuesday. This has been the lead story front page Houston Chronicle, home of BUSH SENIOR, three days running. 5 of the 10 are American, 2 are CHINESE, 1 is CANADIAN, 2 are Mexican.
MADAM WU is in a pickle demanding her two be turned over and she is, we hear, up to her ass in alligators.
There is underway an intense "manhunt" for the five as "they" are trying to eliminate them. This is 24/7 operation, no stone left unturned. Fortunately they are not hidden under stones. D.C. is in turmoil over this.
[[ new 'form' link top of page for Anonymous emailing ]]
(((NB baaad language Alert! - Copyright info or website please)))
jsm: well I did warn you, the Maritime Bankers are F**D BIG-TIME! And now their Masonic Minions are literally at War in the US and Europe. UK will be next? What will the London Banking Inflationati do now they dont have anywhere to go, and their Empire has ALLREADY Collapsed from the inside!!! - Sadly Leo doesnt see the whole picture yet, but when he does, he will be quickly retreating from his Secret Societies. Quote me On iT!!! ---- widget
(jsm: me? i would and will go back to John Smiths timely heart attack and start there. Thats right, you remember him, the REAL Labour Candidate, not these Muppets weve had since. A Conspiracy? Maybe, but hey, Maybe Not eh! - love n light all)
( oooh, squeek, squeek squeek, oooh oooh, squeek squeek squeeeeeeeekk!!! splat! )
ALL FIVE have signed video taped confessions including admission of previous "jobs" for the same employers, guess who? Well guess as high as you can go then throw in a certain female candidate and you will be there. OUR people appear to be up to the task, which is, in my opinion, the recapture of our country from the globalist illuminati bankers and their political puppets. (drip, drip, drip, drip...)
by Webster G. TarpleyDecember, 1996
(( jsm: old habbits die hard eh ))
hey Gordon Brown. Why didnt you walk down the hall with Ron Paul m8. What? too Liberal for you. Not a Poodle is he. Doesnt do De-Bolt. Not a zionist neo-con. Rothschild & Bank Buddies, drip drip drip, never mind the Box Gang, what about this.
[you know who]
Oops. please listen to this very carefully, and in between the Disclaimer Disclosure, you will clearly hear a time where ALL will be held to account by the majority. Please use your Authority and your Positions wiselly. Think of your and our futures from now on, please...
On the other hand, I believe the United States (Constitutional), its assets, its Citizens and their assets and can be proven to be not owned by THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and therefore outside the bankruptcy.
(jsm: kinda gives a new meaning to 'the penny has dropped' eh. And when this gets out the Pounds are gonna drop, and BIG-TIME! and sadly some of this is our fault in the UK, and we dont even know about it. Well, not yet anyway, but they soon will.)
Many years ago we were informed that the CHINESE, specifically the heirs of the MING DYNASTY, were financing the return to the Constitution in the U.S.. MADAM WU, a MING representative but also the former finance minister of the Peoples Republic of China, was then and is now a key player. It was information surrounding her activities we avoided discussing last Thursday in anticipation of delv and announcements this weekend. She had ordered deliveries Friday and Saturday along with immediate announcements. Whether she represents Ming, PPR, Global Banking, all countries awaiting access to funds, the World Court or all of the above we do not fully understand. What we do know is that when deliveries did not occur as ordered she arrived here Saturday carrying a big stick and within a matter of hours things were "back on go"-again.
[jsm: ah! so yet again my intuition or Divine Intervention maybe seems to be leading my thoughts in the RIGHT DIRECTION. And so i sit, i watch, and i wait.]
[[jsm: NOTE. As with Japan, now Russia and China, and any other Country seeking honest open Disclosure, Equality, and Peace on Earth, I hereby now Declare myself your Humble Honest Servant. GO CHINA. Go help save my Beautiful Beloved Planet Earth and Help me to help My Beloved British Public be Soverign and Free again. love n light, jsm.]]
[ no! Conspiracy? well, why THIS? ]
[jsm: By the end of 2008, ALL Top London Bankers will be squeeling like little squeeky piggies, or ALL will be held to account BY THE PUBLIC, and IN THE PUBLIC, and all London Based Political Control will be Redundant. I do want to help 'you know who']
America is master, little compliant UK is poodle. In fact the exact reverse is the case. America is a British business with all the major shareholders at the Crown Temple in London and at the Vatican in Rome. Modern America is a European financial convenience.Most Americans are still unaware that Queen Elizabeth II of England and the Crown Temple, unilaterally control and amend U.S. Social Security law. [ jsm: its all getting a bit Esoterical now my British Chums]
[ jsm: Under UK Law, I hereby now Declare NO-ONE having any right whatsoever in seeking to represent me or my Sovereignty in any way shape or form whatsoever. Anyone doing so is acting without my concent, and I thus DEMAND those in the relevant Authority, to Return my Sovereignty and all wealths associated to it ASAP. As above, So Below! ]
[summary by Ladyhawke ::: or search- Y - G - YT - GV - ]
There are exciting and earth shaking events going on behind the scenes which will break out on television shortly after deliveries. (jsm: Disclosure is all around my dear Brits)
(hmmm, isnt the Bank of England a private Company too Mr Rothschild and my dear London White Maritime Masonic Elitie Teetie 'you know who's... oh, and Canada, and Australia, and?)
Today we learned AUSTRALIA has been incorporated. It appears to this reporter that the greatly feared NEW WORLD ORDER has been put into place brick by brick by brick over many many many previous decades all around the world. ((jsm: oh, and their borders have been extended to claim ownership to a certain Oil Field maybe?))
(( lonellly, sooo lonellly: a picture can paint a thousand words, but even a thousand words couldnt paint this picture ... ps-watch the faces, and watch the camera angles. oh, and, tut tut tut, naughty naughty, soverign rights n stuff. CAREFULL!))
GORDON BROWN, the British Prime Minister, gave a most warmly received speech last week while in the U.S. (JFK Library) in which he introduced then hammered home what is apparently the new euphemism for the New World Order, THE GLOBAL SOCIETY.
WE have many important and peripheral and related documents. We need the Bankruptcy Document itself negotiated in GENEVA in 1930 and filed by FDR March 9, 1933. The IMF would have a copy. Also the BIS, the VATICAN, the QUEEN, Q.BEATRICE, the WORLD COURT, SWITZERLAND, BRUSSELS?? and there would be several copies deeply hidden in the U.S..
((jsm: perhaps now is the time for the London led Maritime Masonic Elitie Teetie 'you know who's Square Mile to come clean, before it is waaay tooo late, and a much General Public Led Linchin begins to take place, of which then, will be un-stoppable. Even by me.
I can help, but i too need help... oh ... ps... just 1 foreclosure, just 1))
(wouldnt you agree Rothschilds & Masonic Elitie Teetie 'you know who's)
Concerning the grounding of American Airlines planes last week, note the important fact that the HQ of AA is Dallas, Texas. The Editor believes that the planes were grounded in the context of suspicions that one or more 'devices' may have been planted on AA aircraft. In this context we further believe that the 'Iran noise' was intended to have been the 'cover' for a grotesque 'inside job' atrocity that has been aborted. The Editor does not expect the attack on Iran to proceed. ((jsm: i agree, it WILL NOT be happening, PERIOD!!!))
jsm: did Gordon Brown get his orders off the London Banks i wonder? hmmm, nooo, never! i mean, everythings just fine isnt it! Isnt it?
BUSH is the President of the CORPORATION not the United States and you (the Vatican) helped create the CORPORATION which owes you the money. The American people owe you nothing. Go see your CORPORATE PRESIDENT MR. BUSH. You (the Vatican) will be required, along with MERKLE, the QUEEN, and QUEEN BEATRICE to return all of the Marshall Plan and other monies stolen and in your possession. Every penny will be returned to the American people".
((jsm: oooh, what will my beloved Country and British Chums have to say about all this being done in their now tainted name. ::: P.A.I.D.-U.P. Public Amnesty In Disclosure))
The really big question overnight was where did the $2T for the POPE come from? A spot audit was done and guess what, the intent was to pay the POPE from our tax receipts. The problem? We don't owe the POPE anything. BUSH does. There is money missing from Treasury but it is not our money.
The POPE was a big part of the ongoing problem demanding ALL the money and it was necessary that he be dealt with by the World Court. He settled for 2T which was approximately 1.99999T more than he deserved.
''Most of D.C. is in a panic including BUSH, the POLITICIANS and the VATICAN regarding the exposure of the BANKRUPTCY and the potential disclosure of the fact that the VATICAN the QUEEN and other creditors of the BANKRUPTCY (as represented by the CORPORATE UNITED STATES and their ADMIRALTY COURTS) have been FLEECING the American Citizens for 75 years.''
(( drip drip drip ))
(jsm: NOTE due to interfearance with TWO of my PCs being totally wiped and crashed, and as poor as i am, i will struggle to get the WorldReports audio casts done, but i will try, that i do promise!!! you could say i am now FORMALLY being interfeared with, hmmm, any ideas why any1?)
(( original related post dated march 31 below ))

Previous postings on FOURWINDS, primarily by "S", (with a little help from "us") have found their way into all the right places in D.C. with FITZGERALD being the most important. He is now running the show, THE BIG SHOW, not just our little show. He is being protected by CHINA and INTERPOL.


Senators, Congressmen, Sup. COURT Judges, BUSH etc. are being informed they do not work for The United States of America but are employee's of the hundreds of CORPORATIONS they formed. CORPORATE ATTORNEY'S are switching sides en mass guiding and directing our guys to buried bones and hidden truths. Rulings from FITZ are being handed down, all money stashed in the CORPORATIONS must be returned.

Vast sums taken out of the U.S. by the QUEEN over the past century must be returned. Other Governments are demanding to know just who and what have they been doing business with. BUSH has been informed he is PRESIDENT of his CORPORATION not The United States.

All money flows into CORPORATIONS of every kind and nature, to the extent they still exist, must be returned immediately. Even those who "made off with" large quantities of the peoples money (Al Gore was the example used) must return everything including their retirement funds. "THEY ARE ALL ABOUT TO HAVE TRIPLETS" they in such a rage.

Who says one man can't make a difference? Who says "Miracles on 34th Street can't happen?

The writings of "S" coupled with the courage and fortitude of FITZGERALD are overcoming decades of deceit and corruption. Charges are pending against BUSH including embezzlement and TREASON and endangering the American people.

PAULSON is in it up to his ears along with the CLINTON'S. This is a developing story. Who knows what has happened in the last half hour. We will report as permitted to do so.

We expect deliveries today, so our ability to report will depend on what the non-disclosure says. The Wld. Court has said the non-disc is illegal.

casper 3-31-08

Is something Wonderfull starting to happen?
Disclosure is everywhere and the truth will bring sooo much relief. You see, we have been lied to for a long long time now. But I pledge to my Country, to *MY UK* to bring as much truth to you as is possible within my means. That is my self appointed Agenda or Goal you could say, but onlywith *ALL* my Countries permission and
Dont forget my dear British Chums, Disclosure might be a little upsetting and uncomfortable or tearfull at times. But never ever forget, they will no doubt bring Wonderfull Changes for you and your Families and Friends to share and dwell in.
The futures gonna be bright allright, so let it ShinE...
all my love n light all
Anyone wanting a more technical insight into all this might wish to listen to this guy. This is waaay above my head but something here rings true. And Now...


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