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Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Tesla : Enery Crisis? - What Crisis!!!

Well, for yonks and yonks I have for ever been following such subjects as Zero Point Energy, Electro-Magnetism, Alternativte Energies etc. And as Esoteric as some of these subjects might seem, there nevertheless seems to be overwhelming evidence to support these ideas. So lets begin...

And, without doubt the number one for me is Tesla, and so on that note, let me introduce you to some excellent sources of info covering Tesla, including info that might not be as widelly known as the obvious ac/dc scenarios. Njoy!
The Secrets of Tesla --- Stage 6 Video. 97min.
Tesla - Master of Lightning --- Stage 6 Video.85min.
Tesla The Race to Zero Point... --- Google Video. 110min.
The first two give you an in-depth insight to the workings of the genius himself, while the third explores existing technologies around today, based around his theories.
((hint: Stay tuned too the Press Releases in 2008 around these subjects. My waters tell me something Wonderfull is happening. :))

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