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Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Bye Bye Bush

As i try desperatelly to supress my anger, my bitterness, my wants for revenge and vengance for global wrong-doing's, and so on, I do need to continouslly remind myself that whenever anyone falls from grace, becomes misled, or simply gets a little lost from the light and strays to the dark, its sooo easy to well, take the rightly deserved and justified upper hand.

But of-course, the bitter pill i am sub-consciouslly trying not to swallow over my journey through time, is that this kind revenge seeking approach or tact does not work. Where does it get us. After all, I think thats why this world is in such the mess it is in now. C'mon, think about it for a moment or two, serouslly its a bloody joke out there, a bloody joke!

You see for some time now, I have had to conclude that my UK Poiticans have fundamentally failed in their Duties and thus do NOT represent me or my views anymore. And no doubt there are probably a few of you out there who feel the same. Our Political System is corrupted and compramised I believe. But that is for another day.

And so I hope in time, all will be able to forgive others for their blinded mis-guided intentions as this will in turn aid us to move on to better brighter things. For me, this is the challenge that I struggle with the most. But hey, I am getting there :)

In time, the US will become the Constitutional US again, and a pillar of Global Peace accepted and recognised by all equally. First she needs her cleansing. Then we must follow her. The UK badlly needs her cleansing too. Then Europe. Well, thats what I think anyway. And the rest of you? Well aswell as your own needed House Cleasing duties, you are going to have a lot of Forgiving to do. I just want you to know, person to person, as hard as this is to accomplish, I am going to try F***n hard to do my fair share of forgiving. I hope you can too.

And we can all easily say its their fault, and thus easily dismiss and absolve ourselves from all responsability. But, is it every-one elses fault, No! And so, on that note in the days to come, we must all look towards the more positive aspects of anything that takes place. And Work together for the bennefit of ALL Humanity, not the selective few. You see, i have with all sincerity come to believe that we are the Key Masters, not the Politicians. They have Failed! They got it wrong m8! They F*d it all up AGAIN!!!

much love and light
till next time,

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