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Saturday, 9 February 2008

the Broken Broadcasting Corporation

BBC Censors Bhutto Frost Interview (Bin Laden murdered)
C,mon BBC, spin yer way out of this :(
(yep, and you all thought the phone in scandals were bad eh! and when you are finnished watching the Common Purpose video i posted earlier, you will see that BBC central is waaay beyond repair)

And then we go on to the Building 7 Collapse and the BBC's very dubious Cover of this indeed. Never mind the fact there wasnt a plane anywhere near building 7 to be seen, and the puffs of smoke followed by yet another perfect vertical collapse, but the real live coverage on BBC News 24 involving its collapse, 20 mins BEFORE the actual event itself...

But most of all, the BBC if anything, should be held to account for their total lack of ability to hold to account, or to break the biggest story of all time, !!!this one!!!

[[ ''The BBC by the day is becoming ,instead of a critic of a draconian British Government hell bent on bringing in more and more surveillance and monitoring systems ,is now a supporter of EVIL schemes that make Hitlers I.D. system pale by comparison''. QUOTED FROM HERE ]]

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