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Saturday, 16 February 2008

Awakening to Zero Point

Awakening to Zero Point
Gregg Braden Vortrag

Wow! I really dont know what to make of this excellent Presentation simply because I have never heard of this person before, and so cannot comment on his viability or integrity. He certainlly comes over as trustworthy, but its easy to tell that the presentation is on a bigger scale than you are innitially led to believe...

Is it true? crickey i dont know here, but im a willing student you see. So dont believe or disbelieve just yet. Take some time out to watch this, and very attentivelly i might add, and maybe in the years to come, things will become a little clearer to you aswell as me. ((so many profound little statements are made with no reaction to their implications, which makes me a bit suspicous as to its intentions. me being vague? for now really i have to be))

But if youre into 2012, ascension, or a UFO geek like meee (course they do :) or just love the Esoteric subjects in general, then you wil looove these i promise. But for the hard sceptic, this might just be a little tooo much tooo soon. You have been warned. !!!NjoY!!!

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