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Thursday, 7 February 2008

Alan Johnson misleading over fluoride

Alan Johnson 'misleading' over fluoride benefitsBy Rebecca Smith,

Alan Johnson, the Health Secretary, has been accused of overstating the benefits of adding fluoride to water in the fight against dental disease.

Tooth decay in children across Europe has fallen irrespective of whether there is fluoride in the water, authors of a report have said.

Read the full Telegraph article here

Well, I did mention this a while back somewhere. Quite simply, they are either LYING or simply INCOMPETANT. Unless this is part of some nazi agenda of-course. After all, it was the Nazi's who promoted this...

Plus, dont forget that Prozac is 90% flouride. But they put it in Water. Why. C'mon people, flouride or no flouride, it really is time to wake up. Do a search for Alex Jones, and he will tell you all about it!!!

Well, he obviouslly doesnt give a shit, and wants us all to down flouride, perhaps in the vain hope of making us all lothargic, calm, supressed, blah blah blah...

Its ALL coming to pieces people, but fotr the good. But for the good!!!

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