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Wednesday, 23 January 2008


Global Economic Crisis
DownLoad Links Broken - or maybe Removed!!!

Well, after uploading the latest mp3 audio podcast covering the latest in the Global Economic Crisis, I have now found that ALL the links to the FileVip downloads have been broken, allthough the files themselves still seem to be hosted...

Note:: If you make an account with you can still download the files from them straight from the folder here, untill they get leaned on that is eh!!!

Nevertheless I will assume for now, that this is just down to a Server problem...

If however I later find these to be permenantly broken by the service supplier and the problem is still persisting, I will have no choice but to assume that x10 Hosting have been leant on...

And on this note, will thus have to assume that someone is trying to supress my rights to publically promote the information as posted by , which then only lends credency to the allegations that Cristopher Story has been alleging...

On this note, I will have no choice, but to goto my Local Redditch Borough Council who of which know me very well indeed, and innitiate some sort of emergancy meeting with the Civil Servants and ALL 26 local Councillors aswell as a surgery with my MP Jacqui Smith who is in charge of Homeland Security, with a means to evaluating wether the allegations being supressed, are true. After all, the allegations do sort of have an effect on NATIONAL SECURITY dont they (lol). I ill also ensure that this will then become minuted for the Public Records.

Well, something like that anyway...
I will keep you all posted publically and openlly...

ps: i also declare myself to be healthy, and not contemplating suicide, and so hopefully intend to be around for a while yet. That should just about do it eh!!!

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mobile 07973 560 410

hope that helps :)

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