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Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Heres what I would Do

hmmm, now France going bankrupt?

Now Heres what I would do Mr Gordon Brown, the Rothchilds, and ALL the other crumbling elitests...
1) Ban all forclosures in the UK! period! (thanx Webster Tarpley)
(if people start losing their homes not of their own accord, that would be very hard to forgive, even for the forgiving Brits.)
2) Nationalise BOE, YESTERDAY, and, well, you allredy kept Mervin King.
Let the Dying Banks die, or use your own pension and savings to prop them, not ours. There will be Accountability
3) Powers to BOE, not FSA, downsize FSA, or scrap it!!!
Use public forums for accountabillity. its not difficult you know. Ask Mervin?
4) Immediate Legislation, and MASSIVE Funding for locally grown Food Supplies.
Invest BIG-TIME, getting all farmers producing, and bringing back folder farmers all over uk, before 'Just In Time' collectivelly collapses the UK after the Bank collapse!!! (thanx to Webster Tarpley again, LoL, give HIM a job eh!!!))

5) Rothchild was Quoted...
FULFORD: "I don't care what fool sits on the Throne of England.
Whoever controls the currency of England controls England -- and I control the
currency of England." Okay?

So, for the Record, the Roth's dont give a shit about England eh! Well I do! and allthough i was born in Scotland, raised in Africa, and now a scott who resides and will die in England, Im a brit who gives a shit!!! Comprande??? (and go Japan go. Be free. Be happy)

So, in the interests of all humanity, all elitests may disclose their troubles to me, and in return, i will approach the East with a means to a Public Amnesty Proceeding, but only with a FULL DISCLOSURE process implemented by meee!!! Yep! little old un-employed cant get a refference meee!!! Yipeee! (childish, tuff, get over it)

Failing to come forward and disclose, will result in a lack of my support, for now, and in the future, as above so below. You get the drift, blah blah blah. You see we brits aint so thick no more, and i aint for being bought. And you dont own the USA, and you soon wont own the UK (aaaah, but more to Post on that at a later date eh, sooo much more)

When you come forward and chat to me, and i feel you are being sincere honest open and transparrent, who-ever you might or might not be, i will act whole-heartedly on your behalf. If not, then i must reserve my judgement, and thus hold you all to account, in the near future, for and on behalf of all Crimes committed against all Humanity, provided, and only provided, i have their permission of-course.

Benjamin Fulford, and ALL those seeking to carry his message TRANSPARRENTLY OPENLLY and ACCOUNTABLY, have my FULL PERMISSION, to approach me, but in writing only, starting here by emailing me, so together, we can all make a better world for the youngsters to grow up in. I will gladly act as inter-mediatary in this regard. And will also gladly approach my local MP Jacqui Smith, who allready knows me, and is probably expecting all this, as we speak.

Look, im not a linguist, im not rich, but i do know. And we all have families and futures to consider. Seriously, its not that hard. Just be honest!!!

Finally, Wow!!! - once you know what you are dealing with, it all just gets sooo much easier. Disclosure is all around, but you need to stay receptive. Do not believe everything you read (especially here LoL) but remain open minded. And remember. No-one , i repeat no-one has any more or any less right to act on your behalf if you dont want them to. Just think to yourself what kind of World you want, and it will come. LoL, I know, it sounds to good to be true eh. Well, go on then, try it! :)

till next time all
lots of love

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