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Thursday, 31 January 2008

Connecting the Financial Dots

Where to Cast your Pods I say!

Excellent show on the French Connection this week with the Economy Guru Rafeeq, covering the French Bank Scandal, aswell as the usual coverage of the Collapse of the American and European Economies. I cannot reccomend these guys highly enough. Theres no Spit n Shine, just Nitty Gritty...( and hey, if you keep pullin them, I'll just keep pluggin them :)
Listen here, Part-1, Part-2, or goto the Rafeeq Folder

Next to try is All American Gold, for a good laugh, but still a serious insight into the US Economy from some old Skool Know it alls, try these guys out. They will give you good grounding around the American Economy. These guys post every day, so you might wanna be selective here...
Listen to Wednesday, Tuesday, Monday,

Now, for an excellent in depth background into the workings of the Global Economy, there is one person I can highly reccomend. She goes by the under-cover name of Smithy, and Her Audio files go by the name - 'The Wizards of Money' - now these files are old now, but her simple but straight explanations take some beating. I reccomend listening to the first three to five files, and after that, its up to you. Download and NjoY!

Smithy - All the Files

Part1 - "How Money is Created" - mp3
Part2 - "Financial Risk Transfer" -
Part3 - "Banking on Poverty" -
Part4 - "Wizards and Warlords" -
Part5 - "Monetary Terrorism" -

Files Hosted by Robin Upton
Thats all for now my British chum's. There will be more to come, I promise, and together we can further educate and inform ourselves to the current Global Collapse currently ensuing...

What, why is it all posts from US, not UK, now isnt that a GOOD Question. Why isnt this kind of info being discussed in the UK media. Excellent Question i say...

(ps see Ron Paul THRASH Julianee, kusenich and HIS Wife LoL stand down, Julianee drops out, and Brezinskees mans got some problems over the horizon. And still the BBC, Ch4, Ch5, dont show Ron Pauls face. Lol, they dont dare. And where did Bloomberg go Arnie? Its the London Square mile you see. Why oh Why oh Why? :)

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