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Thursday, 24 January 2008

2007 TU24 Asteroid, Jan 29 2008 - Trajectory details here

Just another one of many scenareos out there currently taking place that no-one is talking about...

Now I dont want to be a scare mongerer for the sake of it, but you do have to wonder why we dont get regular updates regarding serious topics such as this. And of-course Holmes, eight times bigger than the sun, still out there, isnt being spoke about.

Now Governments and Representatives might say they dont know about this info,but if thats the case then they should immediatelly resign, due to their total lack of competance. ((byeee Mr Hayne)) On the other hand they might say, well we didnt want to worry you unless it was definate, or in other words TOO BLOODY LATE eh! Perhaps the rael reason is there just isnt enough space in the D.U.M.B. Bases. Oops! they havent told us about them yet have they... :)

Well, the electric Universe is now an obvious Fact in my mind, hence the Tesla Cover-Up, and many other dodgey scenareos ever since. And dont forget, if you aknowledge the 'Electric Universe', dont you then have to aknowledge the posibillity of Zero Point Energy and Anti-Gravity? So then why oh why are we still fighting over ever-inflating Oil Prices. And dont get me started on Global Warming, actually, no, I will save that for a later post!

You see, Disclosure is absolutelly everywhere, allbeit subtle. And not to my liking I might add. It certainlly doesnt represent me and my opinion, as I would insist on Full Open Public Global Disclosure. But our Political System just cannot cope with that approach.
Well, not yet anyway. Heres what I would implement. And Beieve Me!!! as much as i personally dislike the Amnesty clause, without this, no progress will be made...

P.A.I.D. - U.P. ::: Public Amnesty In Disclosure - United Program.

till next time all

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