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Thursday, 31 January 2008


In 1910, a group of international bankers secretly met on a small island off the coast of Georgia. Their plan: to formulate a program to destroy the financial structure of America. To do that, they pushed Woodrow Wilson into the presidency; and in 1913, Wilson signed into law, the Federal Reserve Act and the Federal Income Tax. In 1921, these international bankers established the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The U.S. Government took advantage of the CFR’s experience in finance and foreign affairs, and one of their study groups, the Advisory Committee on Post-War Foreign Policy, became part of the State Department in 1941. The secret goal of this study group was to condition the Congress, and the people of this country to accept the establishment of the United Nations (UN). The UN, initiated in 1945, does not seek to promote world peace and cooperation– it was the first step towards a one-world government, which is now referred to as the New World Order.
The CFR is a subsidiary of the Round Table Organization, a group of British Elitists controlled by the most powerful family in the world– the Rothschilds, who, through an organization known as the Illuminati, have been controlling world events since 1776. The Illuminati controls world leaders and the money that runs their countries. They can elect a President, and they can kill a President. They can shut-off the oil, and plunge the world into war. Even though they operate under the strictest secrecy, their goals have been known for over 2,000 years.


me (jsm) This kind of info is now busy flying all around the Muslim Countries aswell as the Asian Social circles to now as far as Benjamin Fulford claims. And I have been following these topics for a while, and can safelly say, the 300year rule from London, is finally crumbling. I genuinelly and sincerelly hope they do try an atleast realise this, as it really is in everyones best interests for a genuine transition to Disclosure!!!...

And I just cannot imagine the Public Reaction when they begin to see more clearlly. To be honest, i am pretty well tuned in to this sort of thing, allthough you do have to rely on the Net and over-seas sources for the info. In time, you begin to see through the sad to say CRAP they pump out on the telly, aswell as some of the deflectionary scare tactic stories on the News Broadcasts...

You see, they went to far with the US. And now this Economy thingy has grown legs of its own, and its perpetual momentum is now waaay beyond their Control. It will only take time now. And again, I offer my services as your best friend and intermediatory, for the sakes of all our families and friends. If not, then I wish you all the best, and sincerelly hope, that in time you will be forgiven for your wrong doing's...

ps. enjoy the book!

till next time

Connecting the Financial Dots

Where to Cast your Pods I say!

Excellent show on the French Connection this week with the Economy Guru Rafeeq, covering the French Bank Scandal, aswell as the usual coverage of the Collapse of the American and European Economies. I cannot reccomend these guys highly enough. Theres no Spit n Shine, just Nitty Gritty...( and hey, if you keep pullin them, I'll just keep pluggin them :)
Listen here, Part-1, Part-2, or goto the Rafeeq Folder

Next to try is All American Gold, for a good laugh, but still a serious insight into the US Economy from some old Skool Know it alls, try these guys out. They will give you good grounding around the American Economy. These guys post every day, so you might wanna be selective here...
Listen to Wednesday, Tuesday, Monday,

Now, for an excellent in depth background into the workings of the Global Economy, there is one person I can highly reccomend. She goes by the under-cover name of Smithy, and Her Audio files go by the name - 'The Wizards of Money' - now these files are old now, but her simple but straight explanations take some beating. I reccomend listening to the first three to five files, and after that, its up to you. Download and NjoY!

Smithy - All the Files

Part1 - "How Money is Created" - mp3
Part2 - "Financial Risk Transfer" -
Part3 - "Banking on Poverty" -
Part4 - "Wizards and Warlords" -
Part5 - "Monetary Terrorism" -

Files Hosted by Robin Upton
Thats all for now my British chum's. There will be more to come, I promise, and together we can further educate and inform ourselves to the current Global Collapse currently ensuing...

What, why is it all posts from US, not UK, now isnt that a GOOD Question. Why isnt this kind of info being discussed in the UK media. Excellent Question i say...

(ps see Ron Paul THRASH Julianee, kusenich and HIS Wife LoL stand down, Julianee drops out, and Brezinskees mans got some problems over the horizon. And still the BBC, Ch4, Ch5, dont show Ron Pauls face. Lol, they dont dare. And where did Bloomberg go Arnie? Its the London Square mile you see. Why oh Why oh Why? :)

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Ron Paul in Russia TV


Well, i only had to change the US to UK. Still no coverage on the BBC, or any of the British Television channels to date, compared to the other candidates. So it is safe to say the Elitests in the London Square Mile are still pulling their Common Purpose Strings eh! :)

Im watching and Im waiting...

Heres what I would Do

hmmm, now France going bankrupt?

Now Heres what I would do Mr Gordon Brown, the Rothchilds, and ALL the other crumbling elitests...
1) Ban all forclosures in the UK! period! (thanx Webster Tarpley)
(if people start losing their homes not of their own accord, that would be very hard to forgive, even for the forgiving Brits.)
2) Nationalise BOE, YESTERDAY, and, well, you allredy kept Mervin King.
Let the Dying Banks die, or use your own pension and savings to prop them, not ours. There will be Accountability
3) Powers to BOE, not FSA, downsize FSA, or scrap it!!!
Use public forums for accountabillity. its not difficult you know. Ask Mervin?
4) Immediate Legislation, and MASSIVE Funding for locally grown Food Supplies.
Invest BIG-TIME, getting all farmers producing, and bringing back folder farmers all over uk, before 'Just In Time' collectivelly collapses the UK after the Bank collapse!!! (thanx to Webster Tarpley again, LoL, give HIM a job eh!!!))

5) Rothchild was Quoted...
FULFORD: "I don't care what fool sits on the Throne of England.
Whoever controls the currency of England controls England -- and I control the
currency of England." Okay?

So, for the Record, the Roth's dont give a shit about England eh! Well I do! and allthough i was born in Scotland, raised in Africa, and now a scott who resides and will die in England, Im a brit who gives a shit!!! Comprande??? (and go Japan go. Be free. Be happy)

So, in the interests of all humanity, all elitests may disclose their troubles to me, and in return, i will approach the East with a means to a Public Amnesty Proceeding, but only with a FULL DISCLOSURE process implemented by meee!!! Yep! little old un-employed cant get a refference meee!!! Yipeee! (childish, tuff, get over it)

Failing to come forward and disclose, will result in a lack of my support, for now, and in the future, as above so below. You get the drift, blah blah blah. You see we brits aint so thick no more, and i aint for being bought. And you dont own the USA, and you soon wont own the UK (aaaah, but more to Post on that at a later date eh, sooo much more)

When you come forward and chat to me, and i feel you are being sincere honest open and transparrent, who-ever you might or might not be, i will act whole-heartedly on your behalf. If not, then i must reserve my judgement, and thus hold you all to account, in the near future, for and on behalf of all Crimes committed against all Humanity, provided, and only provided, i have their permission of-course.

Benjamin Fulford, and ALL those seeking to carry his message TRANSPARRENTLY OPENLLY and ACCOUNTABLY, have my FULL PERMISSION, to approach me, but in writing only, starting here by emailing me, so together, we can all make a better world for the youngsters to grow up in. I will gladly act as inter-mediatary in this regard. And will also gladly approach my local MP Jacqui Smith, who allready knows me, and is probably expecting all this, as we speak.

Look, im not a linguist, im not rich, but i do know. And we all have families and futures to consider. Seriously, its not that hard. Just be honest!!!

Finally, Wow!!! - once you know what you are dealing with, it all just gets sooo much easier. Disclosure is all around, but you need to stay receptive. Do not believe everything you read (especially here LoL) but remain open minded. And remember. No-one , i repeat no-one has any more or any less right to act on your behalf if you dont want them to. Just think to yourself what kind of World you want, and it will come. LoL, I know, it sounds to good to be true eh. Well, go on then, try it! :)

till next time all
lots of love

Monday, 28 January 2008



Dr. Burisch was a Senior Operative/Scientist, responsible first to the Committee of the Majority and the Majestic 12 (1986-2003), then only to the Majestic 12 (2003-2005), before it was adjourned (October 12, 2005).

During the 1991 Gulf War, he was assigned to a Black/Ops Unit, and was deployed into the International Coalition’s Zone of Operations, for the purpose of counteracting a rogue military unit’s intended application of unauthorized biological warfare agents against the Iraqi Army. Dr. Burisch’s helicopter was hit by enemy fire, killing one occupant, and crashed. Before being evacuated by the accompanying chopper, he was forced to defend himself in close combat.
((end quote))

Get the Full Details from Eagles Disobey here...

Friday, 25 January 2008

Depression Now - Not a Recession

Hyperinflation is Here!:
The insane U.S. decision, over the past week, to launch a "stimulus" package for the U.S.A. economy, has committed the U.S.A. to its present entry into a new trajectory: that of a hyper-inflationary economic breakdown-crisis. This is a crisis whose effects, unless reversed very soon by the measures I have recently specified, would certainly radiate world-wide, almost certainly bringing the entire planet, soon, into a "new dark age" comparable to that triggered by the Fourteenth-Century, medieval Venetian system's Lombard banking firms, such as the notorious House of Bardi.
Articles by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

2007 TU24 Asteroid, Jan 29 2008 - Trajectory details here

Just another one of many scenareos out there currently taking place that no-one is talking about...

Now I dont want to be a scare mongerer for the sake of it, but you do have to wonder why we dont get regular updates regarding serious topics such as this. And of-course Holmes, eight times bigger than the sun, still out there, isnt being spoke about.

Now Governments and Representatives might say they dont know about this info,but if thats the case then they should immediatelly resign, due to their total lack of competance. ((byeee Mr Hayne)) On the other hand they might say, well we didnt want to worry you unless it was definate, or in other words TOO BLOODY LATE eh! Perhaps the rael reason is there just isnt enough space in the D.U.M.B. Bases. Oops! they havent told us about them yet have they... :)

Well, the electric Universe is now an obvious Fact in my mind, hence the Tesla Cover-Up, and many other dodgey scenareos ever since. And dont forget, if you aknowledge the 'Electric Universe', dont you then have to aknowledge the posibillity of Zero Point Energy and Anti-Gravity? So then why oh why are we still fighting over ever-inflating Oil Prices. And dont get me started on Global Warming, actually, no, I will save that for a later post!

You see, Disclosure is absolutelly everywhere, allbeit subtle. And not to my liking I might add. It certainlly doesnt represent me and my opinion, as I would insist on Full Open Public Global Disclosure. But our Political System just cannot cope with that approach.
Well, not yet anyway. Heres what I would implement. And Beieve Me!!! as much as i personally dislike the Amnesty clause, without this, no progress will be made...

P.A.I.D. - U.P. ::: Public Amnesty In Disclosure - United Program.

till next time all

Wednesday, 23 January 2008


Global Economic Crisis
DownLoad Links Broken - or maybe Removed!!!

Well, after uploading the latest mp3 audio podcast covering the latest in the Global Economic Crisis, I have now found that ALL the links to the FileVip downloads have been broken, allthough the files themselves still seem to be hosted...

Note:: If you make an account with you can still download the files from them straight from the folder here, untill they get leaned on that is eh!!!

Nevertheless I will assume for now, that this is just down to a Server problem...

If however I later find these to be permenantly broken by the service supplier and the problem is still persisting, I will have no choice but to assume that x10 Hosting have been leant on...

And on this note, will thus have to assume that someone is trying to supress my rights to publically promote the information as posted by , which then only lends credency to the allegations that Cristopher Story has been alleging...

On this note, I will have no choice, but to goto my Local Redditch Borough Council who of which know me very well indeed, and innitiate some sort of emergancy meeting with the Civil Servants and ALL 26 local Councillors aswell as a surgery with my MP Jacqui Smith who is in charge of Homeland Security, with a means to evaluating wether the allegations being supressed, are true. After all, the allegations do sort of have an effect on NATIONAL SECURITY dont they (lol). I ill also ensure that this will then become minuted for the Public Records.

Well, something like that anyway...
I will keep you all posted publically and openlly...

ps: i also declare myself to be healthy, and not contemplating suicide, and so hopefully intend to be around for a while yet. That should just about do it eh!!!

My Contact Details

James Stuart Morris
49 Charlecote Close
Worcs B98 0TQ

mobile 07973 560 410

hope that helps :)

Monday, 21 January 2008


ZEITGEIST, The Movie -
Official Release - Full Film

(now if you can skip the first 5mins of propaganda, you will find the rest of this film extremelly enlightening, allthough un-comfortable at times. Think of it as not what is right or wrong, but merelly edutainment in the hopes of broadening your horizons.)

Start with the All Lying Eye

First to Fall - Rockerfellas - The Lost Cause
Second to Fall - American Intelligence - to be Cleansed
Third to Fall - The Rothchild - Manipulation at its Best!!!
Finally to Fall - British Intelligence - to be Cleansed

Now its strange how Gordon Brown, decided to announce, while over-seas, that the Virgin bid was still the best, while the BBCs report also confirmed, that Gordon didnt quite get what he went for, AND Branson and Brown hadnt actually spoken about the proposal while there...

So you then have to ask yourselves, why on earth why they there? Well it really doesnt take a rocket scientist to work out we are not being told the full story...

Perhaps the fact that British lifes were at risk in another plane just landing, Co-Incidentally at about the same time as his plane was about to take off. Perhaps some outside influence of a not so very honest and sincere nature was taking place. And pleeease! dont blame the Russians AGAIN eh!...

But hey, what do I know, right! I mean, Im not in the click, Im not in the 'My Gang'. Phew to that one i say!

The Blind are leading the Blind at the moment, and the British population, will eventually see very clearlly indeed, and messages like mine, allthough very vague at times, will nevertheless in time, mean something to those who wish to know...

But in all honesty, I cannot emphasise enough, you need only surf the World Wide Wave of freedom to either confirm or dis-prove the info here. Truth is I want to Help, but I to need help. And so the next time you go on-line, nick a few words from my posts and do your own research...

I would consider it nothing less than a pleasure if such wonderfull people like yourselves, would help me out on this journey of Disclosure currentlly taking place all around us...

Again, this is the decade of the Asian, the Indin, and now thr Russians! No matter how many Secret Agents here, or Corrupt NGOs there, their honesty! yes! honesty, and their sheer growth potentials will prevail. I for one welcome them with open arms, but! only in the interests of ALL the Populations, and in Accountabillity, Transparrency, and full Public Disclosure...

You see, Disclosure really is ALL AROUND, its just that I, as many, have forgotten how to recognise it. I hope my posts from now on will spur you guys n gals to do your own research from here!

ps. To those who it is relevant: I hope you like the Video.

till next time

Thursday, 17 January 2008

Pastor Lyndsey Williams

Crickey! Now I have totally lost track as to how looong I have been following this Fine Gentlemans Story...
Pastor Lyndsey Williams's is a Preacher who while carrying his message on behalf of his beliefs to the world, just by chance (or God Intervention maybe) to bump into some of the most Greedy, Dastardly Human beings on the face of this planet...
You will have to listen to the files, and then make up your own mind as to wether you believe his story. Now again, as allready mentioned in previous posts, Im not of a Religous inclination, but more of a Spiritual one. Nevertheless, I have come to the conclusion that he id indeed telling the truth, and as a consequence, now find myself understanding yet another small piece in the Global Economic Catastrophy, that will ensue...
You see, Disclosure really is all around us. It will take a little time, but inevitablly the Global Elitests will realise that they have had their day, but more of that to follow in another post...
So please take a little time out and watch the latest Google video post by Lyndsay Williams. Watch it here.
And listen to this Talk he gave here in his local Community many years ago, for the first time, startng his small step of the Disclosure Process. Listen here.

ps. Special Thanx to GeorgeAnn and her web-site called The Byte Show, for seeking to spread her message, while at the same time, allowing people like me, to learn from their experience...

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Percy Schmeiser vs Monsanto

The Classic David vs Goliath Struggle
Now I have been following this Gentlemans story for a looong time now, and it never ceases to amaze me the wealth of knowledge and experience in our more mature Generations out there, and the total lack and ability of the Western Governments to detach themselves from the long Corporate arms, and just listen to some Real Plain Simple Common Sense...
But sad to say, it has become very apparent now, that until things are at their worst, nothing seems to get done. And its probably down to the experience of people like Percy, that in the long term, will inevitablly end up being the Saviours of the Day. You see, Companies Dont Care, People Do!!!...
And so, If you care about your Food, and your Family, I beg you to listen to Percy on Guns and Butter Radio. Probably one of the best interviews done with him, covering just about all the aspects of his case. I just wish my UK Government would get off their buts and listen to him also...

"Percy Schmeiser was mad as hell, and decided he wasn't going to take it.
Schmeiser has been growing canola -- the yellow-blossomed oilseed that used to be known as rapeseed -- for 40 years, and he knows his stuff. He's been experimenting, developing his own varieties, using his own seed and generally prospering with canola. reaping the benefits derived from growing an increasingly popular crop.

So when Monsanto, the giant multinational agro-chemical company that is at the forefront of developing genetically modified foods, accused him of patent infringement and demanded restitution for its seeds, his pride was hurt. He chose to fight rather than roll over and take it."

Thursday, 10 January 2008

Jack Kornfield's Dharma Audio Talks

Files taken from Dharma Seed
Read all about Dharma Seed
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rss feed for Jack Kornfield Audio here

download - Jack Kornfield 2007 11 19 to 2008 02 11 - Zip 86.0Mb
download - Jack Kornfield 2007 09 17 to 2007 10 29 - Zip 91.1Mb
download - Jack Kornfield 2007 07 30 to 2007 09 03 - Zip 82.2Mb
download - Jack Kornfield 2007 05 21 to 2007 07 09 - Zip 84.2Mb

(note: I have Re-Master'd the above files so as to obtain the most from Jacks Sittings and Performances. If you find any of these files of value to you then please Donate to them and not me. You see, I have allready been paid. Paid In Worth of my Work and Wisdom of his Word. Crickey, how much would I have to charge for that eh. Please Please Please donate to Dharma Seed and help spread these files. love & light, jsm.)

All about Jack Kornfield

Over the years of teaching, I've found a growing need for profound lovingkindness and compassion--a transformation of the heart--to underlie the insights and understandings that come out of the practice.

An opening of the mind needs to be supported by compassion from the heart if the practice is to be integrated, fulfilled, and lived in our lives.

The value of mindfulness practice is discovered in the freedom we find through awareness. Without awareness, we repeat the patterns of fear and conditioning that keep us entangled individually and collectively. Without awareness, we suffer. With awareness, we can see the contractions of the mind, how the mind gets caught and how we can learn to let go. With awareness we can reawaken to the purity of joy and freedom that is fundamental to our true nature.

As a Dharma teacher, I simply remind others how it is possible to live in this world and find freedom. I listen to practitioners and try to remind them that it is truly possible to be free.


All about Dharma Seed

Welcome to Dharma Seed, dedicated to preserving and sharing the spoken teachings of Theravada Buddhism in modern languages. Explore and take nourishment from these heartfelt teachings.
Since the early 1980's, Dharma Seed has collected and distributed dharma talks by teachers transmitting the Vipassana or Insight practices of Theravada Buddhism, the oldest Buddhist tradition still actively pursued in the 21st century.

Until now, the recordings have been available only on tapes and CDs. For the first time, this website makes them freely available for download or streaming as digital audio files (MP3s). New recordings are being added continuously from contemporary dharma teachers, both those well-known and those still known only to those who have attended their retreats.

May all beings find true liberation from suffering.

We are a small non-profit organization supported through your donations. We deeply appreciate your help in making these priceless teachings available to all who need them. You will also find opportunities on this site to support the teachers themselves through dana, the practice of generosity that has supported the teachings for 2,500 years.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

E equals M C squared is safe

in my opinion, as long as you put the formula in the right place, there really shouldnt any problem should there.
Hmmm, so maybe the speed of light isnt the be all and end all. Time will tell, oops! no pun intended, of-course :)

Common Purpose - Hidden Agenda ?

...Get ALL my Files here... (rss feed)

heres a timeline to get you started (links dont work online)
here is my proposal
complaint to one stop shop
complaint to Chris Hill, Paul Patten, thru One Stop
(again, ALL files on above link)

A while back i submitted a proposal to my local Redditch Borough Council in the West Midlands, using a well thought out Business Plan, with the idea of me setting up a Youth Centre, engaging in local young people involving Music and Audio aswell as all technical aspects of Computering. You see, im an absolute genius at that sort of thing...

After submitting my Proposals in writing formally and properlly, to the relevant Department, and failing any response for over two weeks by Chriss Hill, I complained formally, aswell as making an FOI request...

Subsequently his Line Manager, a Council Officer whos name is Paul Patten, invited me to a meeting, and after appologising and re-assuring me, Paul Patten, Council Officer of Redditch Borough Council, West Midlands, said he would deal with me personally from now on...

At first, all seemed well, untill after the first meeting, on my total failure to recieve ANY written confirmation to my proposal, aswell as issues of complaint, and other issues raised. He was Totally avoiding accountability!!!

And so, after some time, two meetings, some phone calls, and some really baaad treatment from other individuals at the Council, i took the complaint higher...

By this stage many inconsistiencies took place, all of which i still have the paperwork where relevant, aswell as a so-called interest by a Man called Dunkan Berry of the Redditch YMCA, who Council Officer Paul Patten, was totally hell bent on getting me to work for them.
((the reasons for this i think are because the Council were GIVING the YMCA a recently renovated Community Centre, without public consultation, aswell as letting the other centres deteriate.)) Three times in writing i asked to meet Duncan Berry and three times he AVOIDED ME. Thus implicating the YMCA in this mess now!!! Of which i happen to be a fully qualified GYM Instructor through, paying over £700. They certainly dont mind taking your money eh!

Now, back to my Corrupt Council. Two friendlly ladies names Sheena Smith and Jane Smith dealt with me at the formal complaints meeting, taking copies of ALL my correspondance, and said they would get back to me. THREE MONTHS LATER, after some serious messing about, I raised the complaint to the Borough Director, Chris Smith...

Haaallelluyah ! he actually aknowledged my proposal, but sadly after saying he would look into funding, by then i just KNEW that something was up at Redditch Borough Council, aswell as other individuals i have to add, including atleast one Councillor...

And up until this time, Council Officer Paul Patten who LIED, DECIEVED, MANIPULATED, MISLEAD, and compramised, still hadnt properlly responded, ((he actually handed the original complaint back to Chris Hill after i had raised it to the line manager and had his assurances)) and nobody, got him to deal with this properlly. And so now i drag Chris Smith the Borough Director into this, as he has totally and utterlly failed to generate a formal response to a complaint, and did NOT ENSURE a proper full response to an FOI REQUEST...

( any lawyers out there who are not compramised like the ones at Redditch Borough Council will gladly be allowed acces to ALL my info. AALLL OF IT!!! )

Oh, and my MP of Home Security, Jacqui Smith didnt BOTHER to stick one posting on a small forum i setup in my own time with the hopes to launching this idea. After a surgery meeting, and her aknowledging her support, she simply didnt bother posting. She did get her PA to phone me, but she didnt post, period! (too busy spending her HUGE expenses cheque lol)

And my FOI request, nope! no joy, they didnt deal with it properlly at all, and my so called appeal, of which i was BANNED FROM, because of their ''TERMS OF REFERENCE'' (hello Gordon Brown, does that phrase ring a bell m8y) decided i was wasting Council Time, and so politely pushed me to one side...

Finally after Sheena Smith, Jane Smith, Chris Smith, Jacqui Smith, Paul Patten, Chris Hill, and many others of which i have kept ALL correspondance failed to atleast formally aknowledge the proposal AT ALL and still to this day, I realised the system was not working for meee!!! LOL Im atleast damd right on that point...

You see, Redditch Borough Council is seriously compramised, and thus CORRUPT!!!
(ooh, am i bitter :)

And now, after a thoroughly enjoyable weekend watching loads of Google Vids, I come across this Gentleman above, and its as if, well, you know, like a jigsaw. All the pieces just seem to fit together...

Now i dont know if Redditch Borough Council Civil Servants are involved in this, but if they are, then they had better watch this video because the truth ALWAYS WINS. And I for one dont want to be involved with the above allegations...

Its wrong whats going on, and their time is running out now...

You see, 2008 is going to be an interesting year, and its only now, i am starting to discover what my small little part in all this is. But boy, what a wonderful part it is.

Soon, I will starting hosting ALL copies of my files ON-Line for you to decide wether i am neurotic, or on the tip of this very very BIG ice-berg...

You see, i dont care, cause im telling the truth...

ps : OH, I cannot believe i am going to put this here, but after informing ALL 29 Councillors of the allegation i made in writing, only 2 bothered to respond. One via email Conservative Carol Gandy who i would trust implicatelly as she atleast raises serious issues at meetings, NOT whos name we are going to stick on a local road sign, please!!!

BUT Councillor David Enderby of BNP, yes you read right, the BNP, actually spent 2 HOURS on the telephone trying to console me, and between the 2 of them i decided to follow proper procedure...

Now I cannot BELIEVE that i am thankin a BNP Councillor here, and allthough the Councillor knew fine well he wouldnt be able to recruit me, he still took the time to re-assure and advise me. Thanx David!!! Atleast someone gives a damd!!!!!!!!!

...Get my Files here... (rss feed)

till next time

Friday, 4 January 2008

Ron Paul's 10% In Iowa Shocks Establishment Media

Ron Paul's double digit support in Iowa has shocked establishment media figures who have long derided the Congressman as an insignificant candidate with just 2 or 3 per cent of the vote. Even Fox News' own talking heads now agree that Paul should not be excluded from the upcoming presidential forum as campaign momentum builds.
You see, I have been a news junky for a looong time now, allthough its taken me a while to figure out how to get hold of the newws, but i do now, and its only now starting to payoff. Why?
Well, for a long time the elitests have had it there way, but as we are now starting to see, its slowly but surelly unwraveling.
And allthough many people in the USA, never mind the UK still havent heard of this Gentleman Ron Paul, he is going to change the way we all percieve politics for ever. Time will tell...
And bearing in mind all his funding is raised by supporters, not the Corporates, that really should be telling us something. You see, Companies dont Care, People Do!
But sadly, as like the BBC, many news sources and corporations are now sooo corrupt or compramised, the real info just isnt getting out, YeT! Common Practice has now become very baaad practice... :) (and illegal to now i think :)
And so issues regarding the all seeing eye, Calculating prime numbers, Corrupt NGO's, Centralisation, Commonwealth (not the Queen), Escalating food prices (this year is the crunch), the extremelly corrupt Money Markets that are now 1.5 QUADRILLION dollars in dept and will collapse before the year is out, the lack of coverage of Comet Holmes, all these issues and many more will just simmer for now, but they will not go away...
Finally, you might have noticed that Disclosure is allready taking place, allbeit not very transparrently or consistentlly, but it is there. And there are some real heroes out there. But until Politics is inclusive of its People, and not exclusive, this politics is thus doomed...
Goodbye Mr Brown. And goodbye to all those Politicians and Civil Servants who quite literally gambled away the tax payers coppers, oh, and all the Gold Reserves, and WELL below value too... Or should i say where to??? And still no Justice for Mendesez for Dr Kelly, or IRAQ.
Sad to say i have to agree with something i read a while back, saying that politicians just wouldnt be able to deal with any Serious crisis because the systems wasnt setup to, and they wouldnt know where to start. Allthough its quite simple, just be honest, the rest will follow. Hence Ron Paul. And us in the UK, well we are still looking i think...
But as we will now see in the USA, a change is coming. It is the Decade of the Asian, Indian, and Now the Russian. And they have a big heart too. But if we are not carefull we will simply be left behind. Now I for one cannot wait. I never never seen such a lost disfunctional loveless souless bunch as the all seeing white eye. And until the blind stop following the blind, things will be difficult...
As above, so below, times have changed, and so will we. I have had a real good life personally, so i really cannot complain. All that remains, is to try and pass a better one on to the younger generations...
Ron Paul is safe. He has been given the green light, and there is now nothing anyone can do to stop this. And even if they did ( they have been warned), it would only get bigger. A bit like Comet Homes growing again in the last couple of days. Oh sorry, they havent told us that yet, have they!
But theres one thing i do know. Things might get just a little bit tougher for now, but theres a real big bright light at the end of the tunnel and i cant wait...
Now how spiritual is that coming from someone who claims not to be religous. Maybe i do still have much to learn...
ps... Well Done Ron Paul, and thanx!!!
Happy new year all
till next time