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Wednesday, 10 January 2001


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Dear friends,

I have recorded a second phone call interview with Leo Zagami in the early hours of the morning (GMT), this one was - believe it or not - even longer than the first one & clocks in at 303 minutes, or just over 5 hours!

In this impromptu interview we hear from Leo & a member of his security - who is recovering from being stabbed - about the attack on Leo’s security team. The Papal-loyal Islamic Fethullah Gulen is fully exposed, Illuminati Sex Magic(k) rituals are revealed & details regarding the highest & most secret 100° of Memphis-Misraim Freemasonry are uncovered.

The Superieur Inconnu (Unknown Superiors) & Beati Paoli are discussed regarding their places in the Secret Society Network.

I will make this interview available soon in shorter topic-based sections for easier listening & to make particular information easier to access for researching. This is a real builder & some rare & valuable information gets presented, increasingly in the latter half & particularly towards the end.


In this impromptu interview Leo was recorded in the context of a fairly relaxed, non-live-on-air environment, resulting in his speaking as candidly as possible, which will hopefully provide a lot more information on which to base conclusions. Hopefully more recordings will be possible & made available. I feel that it is better to maintain an openness of communications with Leo, one way or the other.

My only motivation for recording this interview is to have as much information as possible on which to form my own understanding of what’s going on & to allow for others to be in a position to form theirs. It is not to subvert, infiltrate or propagandise. I have no radio ratings or listenership to worry about, no funding or any other related matters that are of concern in this regards.

I’ll also take this opportunity to state that even though we discuss matters of his personal belief & understanding that aren’t my own, I wanted Leo to be able to make statements that were as clear as possible on these matters.

In truth & awareness -

Troy -

About Leo Lyon Zagami:

Zagami, as of April 2008, states that he is now the leader of a breakaway faction of Knights Templar & high-level Freemasons centred around the elite of the Monte Carlo Lodge.

This Monaco-based Illuminati Lodge has three levels: the level comprised of the elite of the esoteric elite is the Ordo Illuminatorum Universalis. This oversees the Masonic Executive Committee, which in turn oversees the P2 (Propaganda Due) Lodge & Universal Unity.

Leo Zagami states that at present he has onside certain Masonic & Templar factions with him, in Europe & the U.S.A. The Rome-based Vatican/Jesuits/Knights of Malta nexus/cabal are, according to Leo, their declared enemies, as are the Satanic elements within the occult network, including the high-level occultists of the various Ordo Templi Orientis (O.T.O.) and Gnostic Catholic Church factions.

He has also stated that the U.K. based Templar factions are not onside with his anti-Vatican Templar Esoteric Christian agenda yet, nor is the Skull and Bones of Yale University.

It is not the intention of this researcher to endorse or refute the statements made by Leo regarding his present and future intentions in this blog. Let the material presented stand or fall on its own merits.

One matter that I will make a clear statement on, is that after much research based upon studying Zagami’s revelations & following further communication with him, it is my firm conclusion that in no way is he a fantasist regarding his having an Illuminati bloodline background & has more knowledge on the true inner workings of the many different aspects of the Illuminati than any “researcher” out there is capable of.

I will post and reply to any constructive comments, whether positive or negative, as time permits. In no way do I speak on Leo Zagami’s behalf. Leo is of course welcome to post comments.

For more research on the true inner workings of the Illuminati & the New World Order, including aspects which may or may not be at odds with each other, see my main blog:

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