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Wednesday, 10 January 2001

Robert Ghost Wolf

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Much of this information is in Dr. Ghost Wolf's book Days of Destiny, and drew global attention on those all night talks, (Dr. Ghost Wolf made 32 appearances on Art's Show) on the original Art Bell Show as he says " That was before King Arthur ran from the battlefield." But how many of you really paid attention to the messenger we are left to wonder?

Now it is upon us as the Quickening has become the experience of change, and the which is where Art got the Idea for entitling his books in the first place. Change causes the Awakening of the Sleeping gods , lost in amnesia. We are a species of ever morphing dreamers preparing the Stage for Armageddon and the emerging of a new dream.

This presentation covers some of the events and potential experiences that will occur during the first decade of the New Century. What you see here represents only a portion of what you can find in his book titled DAYS of DESTINY.


Enter the Messenger

Prophecy is a vision of what is, or could be, not what is written in stone. It is not necessarily based upon fact, for fact is a past tense, what will be is a conjecture, and exists in the void where all things exists potentially, yet no thing exists materially…All that is written in stone is what has been, often times archived so that those who would follow might come to understand what was, and how it occurred. The script of the human drama is born out of our own imagination, so that we might come to know what are the cyclical rhythms of nature and the heavens.

Prophecies can be both of messages of hope and messages of warning of impending doom, unless change is initiated.. For all is formed in the mind, the mind of Mother ~ Father God, the mind of the Universal IS, the mind of the spirit essences and finally in the minds of man and other beings. This I say for not all-intelligent life in the universe is what we would now recognize as mankind. In the first decade of the New Century much is yet to be revealed about the truth of centuries old agendas, and ancient alliances between Terrestrials and those from beyond the stars.

The outcome of prophecy, any prophesy is the result of how you personally respond, the conscious choices you make, and the actions you and the masses elect to choose. It takes just as much energy to call forth the dark side of a prophesy as it does to call forth the light… in the end it is all a matter of personal choice.

We live in a holographic world, it appears at times to be dense and solid, and the matrix can appear to be fixed, yet at any moment we can elect to take the action, that causes the circumstances to change or shift, thus the outcome for us can be other then it is for those who follow the herd. That is the universal reality for this and all the other worlds in this universe, of which there are some ten billion. We however Mankind if at this time in a very unique situation, and much of the outcome for the entire universe, and all material life forms depends upon the decisions we make.

Mankind is a special creation, unique unto the universe; one that is very different from the rest, for mankind has the potential to become the dreaming God, the God that creates from thought alone, and all that mankind embraces has and continues to come to pass to stand testament in the ever changing yet constant dream. What mankind chooses to embrace would affect all that passes though their mind, and that to which the mind has access is infinite.

If our thought is allowed to pass through the heart, and the heart is allowed to rule, then the outcome can be sublime… for compassion is the divining tool. If the heart is denied, then a collapsing of divinity occurs, and the outcome is left to random thought patterns of a disconnected divinity, and the God essence in us stands by watching, a passive observer in the dream, for the God in us chooses then not to rule, but rather to be part of the unfoldment of what is.

“Choose with full knowing your part in the Dream, and play it well” is the adage of the ancient sages. Contemplate the effect of the actions you take upon the next seven generations, for you will return upon the wheel of time to harvest what you have sown.

What is presented here is for the contemplation of mankind that they may make choices and learn to live in harmony and prosper. I have chosen to focus on those visions that pertain mainly to America and the western hemisphere, for it is here that the great changes will effect first, and the restructuring of humanity shall commence.

Know that a great war shall commence on the borders of Israel within the next generation, and the lands that were once Old Persia. The western world shall choose to turn its back upon this ancient place and her people choosing to respond to the whole for the actions of a fanatic few. The Peoples of this ancient land will see the western democracies as an intruder and violator of Holy Islam, thus we shall see the playing out by both sides who are steeped in dogma and the situation shall escalate into a clash of their fathers transgressions against one another.

This shall set the stage for the calling forth of the long rehearsed, prayed for, and anticipated appearance of an "Anti-Christ". The Anti-Christ shall as the Christos be a collective consciousness headed by a self proclaimed leader proclaiming to be the representative of the whole, a Prince of the Cause by divine ordinance. It would appear eminent that this present generation is observing the playing out of Armageddon Scenario. A drama of Biblical proportions designed by their fathers fathers, fathers. All this will become apparent within the first quarter of this new century.

Be aware this event shall not unfold as it has been predicted in biblical terms, neigh for it is a myth based upon factors created by mankind to fulfill its own agenda of misguided truths. It is a tale that for eons has been spun only for the purposes of enslaving their brethren, and deliberately keeping the masses asleep for a hidden agenda that will soon be revealed by the turning of divine events that are already occurring. For not the whole of the world’s peoples be caught up in the myth, and for them quite a different story shall unfold, as is the way of Great Mystery.

Already as the new century arrived new consciousness has been birthed upon our planet, and even the development and 'inner evolution' of new species. This Seventh level man, shall be the receptor of the scepter, from the passing sixth level man. And as we pass from one page of a great novel to the next so shall we cross the bridge from this experience to the next as the Fifth World Emerges.


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The Ninth Thunder


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