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Wednesday, 10 January 2001

The Revelatorium

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Do not let the religious overtones of the Chapter titles throw you off, the Revelatorium is anything but more religious tomes. The first paragraph of every Chapter proves the point. The Revelatorium is a road map to higher Reality and should be read Chapter by Chapter.


The Revelatorium talks about Reality. Reality is the rest of the Universe your Soul Atom/Atum sees to on the other side of the veil. Your Reality is your Soul Atom/Atum in residence in your pituitary gland, 'the Lord that sitteth upon the throne'.

The verity of the Revelatorium lies in the fact that it makes a lot more sense in every juncture than the currently held belief about the same point. When comparing The Revelatorium to other literatures of similar subject, you need to be aware of the difference between 'Studied revelations' and 'Divine Revelation'. Studied Revelations are the result of connecting the dots in new ways between assorted pieces of existing texts. Divine Revelations do not stem from previous literatures.

The Revelatorium is a Divine Revelation. Where The Revelatorium is in conflict with existing texts, readers need to read the Revelatorium all the way through before deciding which one should be believed. In most cases you will find that the Revelatorium has expanded the original thought considerably rather than contradicted it.

The Revelatorium is about higher dimensional consciousness awareness. Mankind's problems today exist because Man is not working properly with their fifth and seventh dimensional levels of consciousness. To help bring Mankind back into right thought with right direction, the Revelatorium reveals the greater truths about Creation at large behind the lesser truths of Man's pre-conceived beliefs. Reality is the Universe the Soul Atum/Atom is privy to beyond the veil. The Revelatorium is about Reality. To understand how Reality works is to understand what your responsibilities are within the whole undertaking. To reveal this Divine Responsibility is the purpose of the Revelatorium.

The overall verity of the Revelatorium vests not in the credibility of its author, who claims none, nor in the elegance of its scholarship which has none. It is in the verity of its facts. Whose truths are vested in the consistency of the Revelatorium itself from Chapter 1 to the end. For example, the geometry of the Cube and Sphere shown on the home page is not a lucky guess. The Cube and Sphere of Alpha and Omega is very dynamic. Watch the Cube and Sphere for ten or twenty seconds and watch the colors begin to interact dynamically according to their principles, which are given in Chapter one.

Mankind is starting to undergo an explosive expansion of consciousness at this beginning of the Aquarian Age. The reason for the Revelatorium at the present time, is that you may start coming into your full understanding of Christ responsibility now, and that the evolution of Planet Earth into a protostar unto the womb of Orion can resume back on course without further disruption.

Read the Revelatorium carefully. Let the insights sink in. Each paragraph is a new thought. The Revelatorium is not the Universe according to the Mentallized Illusions of Man, but the Universe your Soul Atom/Atum sees on the other side of the veil. By the time you have finished Chapter 6 you will know exactly what that means.

By the time you have finished the whole Revelatorium you will have a greater understanding of what is actually taking place in the interdimensional picture going on than at any other time within the entire previous outer history of Man. The geometric drawings depicting the principles of Creation in a couple of the Chapters, is a newly revealed understanding. The great book is finally being opened, called the Age of Aquarius and its outpourings of the waters of truth.

When reading the Revelatorium you are well advised to try and correlate what you previously knew about something into you have just read, rather than trying to fit the Revelatorium into what you think you already knew.

Do not let the religious overtones throw you off. The Revelatorium is anything but a religious tome. Nor is it a rehash of the same old stuff. The very first sentence of every Chapter will tell you instantly that the Revelatorium is not from Man's literary past.

The Revelatorium is on the Christ Table 'as is' and is in no way intended to stir up a dialogue, forum, or controversy. Nor is it a doctrine or personal belief. Nor does it represent a new philosophy, religion, or group. Nor is it to be used as fodder for a church.

- - -

Chapter one reveals about ninety percent of everything that can be known about the Creation. The rest of The Revelatorium fills in the details. The work expands progressively and should be read Chapter by Chapter in proper sequence.
Throughout the passages of the Revelatorium, points are repeated for expanded understanding within new contexts. The Chapter links under 'Contents' are all active, but remember that the Revelatorium is not a collection of essays for browsing. The Revelatorium should be read Chapter by Chapter as the information expands in consciousness accumulatively from one Chapter to the next. When finished, start again. Consciousness expansion is a never ending process. The 'Thumbnails' are to help break you free from some of your favourite crystallized beliefs, particularly religious.

The whole of Creation has been put together by an infinitely simple but infinitely powerful logic. The logic is depicted geometrically and easy to follow. Mankind has formulated countless geometries in their collective explanations of Creation without getting even close to right. The geometric representation of the logic is called the 'Cubit'. Chapter 2 explains the Cubit and its role in consciousness. Chapters 3, 4, and 5 shows the role the Cubit played in shaping the structure and dimensions of the Macro Universe. Chapter 34 deals with the role the Cubit plays in the micro Universe. And chapter 31 and 32 reveal why the Creators chose the Cubit geometry to express their Creation.

If you take the time to study how the geometric representations work in Chapters 2 and 3, you have it all. The text at each point tells you what easy step to look for in each successive drawing.

In general the first nine chapters are mainly about the background of Creation. The remaining Chapters mainly clear the air about Man's misconceptions about specific principles, what has happened in the past, what's going on in the present, and what is to occur in both the near and the distant futures.

Chapter 31 is the key, very few people below the fifth dimension are acquainted with this information. Once you tune in to how the whole depiction system works and why, you have a far greater understanding of how Creation works in general than in all of the existing books of Mankind combined. The purpose of this information is for you to understand who you are, what you are, why you are here, and what your true responsibilities to the Creation are beyond the illusions.

Chapter 8 and Chapter 25 deals with the Tree of Life, Solar Law, and Galactic Law, particularly relevant for those of you whose interest has been Astrology. Chapter 18 deals with Atlantis for those of you who seek the subject, and Chapter 20 deals in part with the revelations behind the Mayan prophecies which are coming into their final conclusion now.

Chapter 29 is the penultimate Chapter, about the next great expansion of Creation already in commencement. Chapter 29 is also revelatory, containing some new information which has been put before the whole Creation at large for the very first time about the ultimate future of Creation.

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If you are well heeled and feel a contribution to the effort would be appropriate, such a gesture would be enormously appreciated. (See link on the home page). Both a paper back version and CD Rom version are available and can be ordered individually, or by retailers or groups, charities, and societies wishing to use them for fundraising purposes. (See ordering link on the home page).

Thank you.
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Canada, 1998-2008. All rights reserved.

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Principle pre-empts practice every time.

Lies revealed are self destroyed.

The making of Eternity is daily work.

Creation is from the lap of consciousness.

The mighty galaxies are loving communities of loving people.

Creation is alive because the Creators are alive.

The Creators are converting their silent Even Pool self into pure Triune Being, and Soul Atoms are the method.

By their order the Creators work their darkness into light.

The path to enlightenment is not in what you know but in what you do.

'Get thee Wisdom. But above all get thee Understanding'.

Consciousness expansion is a never ending process.

Your Soul Atom is directly from the Father and Mother and there is nothing in between.

The microcosm is a perfect mirror of the macrocosm.

There are only twenty-four Families in all of Creation.

Gird up thy loins does not mean to strap on a belt with a sword hanging down. It means to turn off the tap.

Those who await for Christ to solve their problems await forever.

Every expression in Creation is alive with light and love.

Those who blame God for their problems, blame themselves twice.

Safe redundancy has never been a problem in the higher Realities because no one ever competes.

The Male usurps the Female, meaning the intellect pre-empts the feelings.

The Sun participates in resonance chambers for other solar systems. No one has nothing to do.

Love between any two Beings reflects the absolute acceptance of each other's equality as absolute interfusion.

Creation speaks to the common good, never to the self.

Horoscopes pander to your outer self, Astrophysics speaks to your inner action.

The gratifications of self are never without expense to others.

Cause always confirms itself in effect.

Hedonism is a very perilous mistress.

Personas are the face of consciousness, the means by which one consciousness interfaces with another.

Intelligence Energy and Substance is all there is.

Earth has had some 100 trillion Souls Atoms pass through its root race activities so far.

Once brought forth from Alpha and Omega, Soul Atoms are forever.

The Creation is the manifested Will, Desire, and Action of the Creators to expand themselves.

The will desire and action to serve the Creation for the Creators is the true nature of cause.

To serve the Creation for the Creators in all thought, word, and deed is the true nature of responsibility.

The 'Order of Melchizedek' is not an Earth order.

Reality is that which is so in Creation.

Illusions are beliefs about Reality which are not founded in fact.

Philosophy is the mentallized illusion trying to find truth within itself, where truth is not found.

In their completion, the Creators are raised from silence to the spoken word.

The doorway to the universe is inner.

Creation is well-behaved because Creation is well ordered according to rule.

The current creation is over 900 trillion light years across.

Ask not what Christ can do for you, ask what you can do for Christ.

Translating for others is the higher frequency equivalent of praying for others.

Creation is the Creators themselves, expanding themselves, within themselves.

Science is the mentallized illusion trying to prove itself in fact, whereas fact proves Reality.

You die only because you continually choose to.

'The last generation' are the parent's of the baby boomers.

The Devil is the conglomerate lesser condition of Mankind looking towards an excuse.

God is the conglomerate greater faith of Mankind looking towards the Creators Alpha and Omega.

You form an arc in consciousness with someone every time you make an agreement.

Male vs. female superiority is not office. Absolute Female/Male equality is an Absolute fact of Creation.

A creator is responsible for their creation as long as the creation exists.

Religion is the mentallized illusion trying to establish itself as Reality, whereas Reality is devoid of mentallized illusion.

'Beware of those who set themselves up in temples and shrines'. Including the scientific community who deny Reality out of hand as their affliction.

Consciousness is the key. Once you get the picture that consciousness is what it's all about, you get most of the picture about what's going on.

© Delahnnovahh-Starr Livingstone, CliffR Projections, Look Ventures LLC, 1998-2010. All rights reserved.


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