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Wednesday, 10 January 2001

!! N.E.S.A.R.A. !!
(( audio updated: 2008 11 05 ))

NESARA announcement expected in the run-up to 2012
''National Economic Security and Reformation Act.''

''Amongst other projects, this money will be used to buy out all oil corporations, banks and pharmaceutical cartels. And it will zero out (permanently cancel) all personal, corporate and national debts worldwide.''

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George Kavassilas DE-BUNKS GF here
''The Spiritual Hierarchy and Galactic Council of Light of which I am a part of is not the same as a group calling themselves the galactic federation of light.''

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" It is my intention to receive the Golden Inter dimensional Bands of Love and Light right now -and so it is"

Original Source for Transcripts
Alcuin and Flutterby
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NESARA announcement expected in the run-up to 2012

The NESARA global prosperity programmes are on the cusp of being announced and activated. One of the protected funds involved is called The Saint Germain World Trust. This fund contains deliverable precious metals and currencies worth upwards of one quattuordecillion USA dollars. The word quattuordecillion is sometimes spelled quatrodecillion. It means ten thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, thousand, million dollars. Or $1 with forty noughts after it.


Amongst other projects, this money will be used to buy out all oil corporations, banks and pharmaceutical cartels. And it will zero out (permanently cancel) all personal, corporate and national debts worldwide.

The NESARA money was originally scheduled to be released in the year 2000, but the Bush White House and its banking and legal conspirators worldwide prevented the disbursement. And through corporate pan-global control of mainstream media outlets, nearly all knowledge of NESARA's existence was suppressed. This is now changing.

When the NESARA global prosperity programmes are openly and publicly announced, perhaps during the last two weeks of August 2008, they will permanently change human civilisation in every money-related way.

NESARA will cancel all credit card, mortgage and other bank debt due to illegal banking and government corruption worldwide. Income tax will be abolished. A new 14% flat rate tax on non-essential new items will provide the revenue stream for national governments. There will be increased benefits for senior citizens. In the USA, there will be a return to Constitutional Law at every level of the legal system.

President George Bush Jnr, Vice President Dick Cheney and their constitutionally illegal cabal will be removed from office with immediate effect and before the end of their present term. So will their Khazar Zionist bosses and all members of Congress. They will be replaced with constitutionally acceptable NESARA President and Vice President Designates, thought to be Congressman Dennis Kucinich (Democrat - Ohio) and Congressman Ron Paul (Republican - Texas). There will be new Presidential and Congressional elections within 120 days of NESARA's announcement. These elections will be carefully monitored to prevent vote theft and other illegal election activities by special interest groups.

A new USA Treasury rainbow currency will come into being, backed by gold, silver, and platinum precious metals. A new USA Treasury Bank System will be initiated in alignment with Constitutional Law. The Federal Reserve Board System will be abolished. Personal financial privacy will be restored.

All judges and attorneys will be retrained in Constitutional Law. All aggressive USA government military actions worldwide will cease and global peace will be established. Every American citizen over the age of 21 will receive $100,000 a month for 11 years, but the Farmers' claims will be paid first.

Here, the settlements will include debt forgiveness of $300,000 (including mortgages, credit cards and loans) for each farming family. Similar reforms will take place in every country in the world. Enormous sums of money will be made available for humanitarian purposes. New hitherto suppressed technologies such as free energy devices, pollution cleanup equipment and sonic healing machines will be released for the use of all.


When they are made, perhaps during the last two weeks of August 2008, the NESARA announcements themselves may not use the actual term 'NESARA'. This is because of successful Darkside disinformation which has managed to stigmatise the word "NESARA" and to put the idea around that NESARA is a conspiracy theory.

But whoever heard of a positive conspiracy theory? When they come, the NESARA announcements will be made over a period of seven to fourteen days. They may be presented as Constitutional and legal announcements, or global refinancing announcements, or economic announcements, or banking announcements, or political announcements. The word "statement" may be used instead of the word "announcement". George Bush himself may make the first of these announcements, before leaving the White House with Dick Cheney for the last time.

They will leave under military escort and they will be held in custody awaiting treason, fraud, embezzlement and war crimes legal actions. The key signifiers to look for in the announcements in the USA are the abolition of the Federal Reserve Board, the abolition of Internal Revenue Service, the abolition of the Department of Homeland Security, the abolition of the Patriot Acts (I and 2) and a lot of innovative talk about new gold-backed currencies.

Six or more of these will be introduced around the world. At the same time, there will be important news announcements about the availability of free-energy technologies and new pollution transformation processes.

The NESARA process is moving forwards and is energising abundance and prosperity programmes for the whole human population. Planet Earth is a most abundant planet. There is sufficient gold-backed human money currently in existence on Earth for each and every human being to be a GBP millionaire without debts of any kind. GBP = Great Britain Pound. NESARA is about sharing the resources of the planet around fairly. And NESARA is about putting benevolent banking systems in place worldwide to deliver this monetary fairness. No individual anywhere on Earth will be beyond the reach of the NESARA wealth redistribution programmes. And no individual or organisation anywhere on Earth will be able to stop it.

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Alcuin Bramerton is a human being seeking to operate happily in the post-religious world. The New Spirituality interests him. His friend, Flutterby, is not in physical incarnation on the Earth-plane at present, but he advises Alcuin on spiritual matters.

And there is a lot happening. Unreported by the mainstream media, a man in a grey suit is standing by the yoghurt shelves in a supermarket in Cornwall. He is looking for morphine suppositories. This man is not the promised messiah. Coincidentally, at another remote location in southern England, a man with false teeth is eating a cheese soufflé for lunch.

He bites on something hard. There is a second pair of false teeth in his cheese soufflé. This man is not the promised messiah either. Epiphanies of this kind illustrate how difficult it can be to determine the exact size of God in becquerels per cubic light year.

But still the attempt is made.


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Well well well.
Now I have watched Star Trek and Star Wars, and maaany other Wonderfull Programmes such as these, but maybe never ever thought that ONE DAY I would be making a post such as this...
phooeew! Do I? Do I believe? crickey, thats tough...
You see, I know that there is other life out there, Odds Against alone will tell me that. And I am totally and utterlly convinced that ETs or EBEs Exist and have been visiting us for a looong time now. And I DEFINATELY DONT BELIEVE WE ARE IN ANY DANGER FROM OUR OFF WORLD FRIENDS EITHER. That much I do know, and dont even have to think twice about it...
If we were going to be zapped and bioinged and bzzzed it would have been carried out waaay waaay waaay before my privellage to be on this Beloved Planet, dont you think. I mean, then why now. Why us? See! quite obvious really...
But But But, these messages, Do I believe you want to know. Truthfully, Im not sure BUT heres my cop-out. Show me one bad word. Declare one bad declaration they make. Make me aware of the Conspiracy Theory lurking in the background which for once, has totally failed me. Please help me here!!! Why SHOULDNT I believe this. Believe me I really really want to. I mean, If this is a sincere presence meaning to help, wouldnt YOU want to believe...
Look, DONT believe a SINGLE word of this, thats my advice, but instead just Go Get a CuppA, pull yer chair up, get the Speakers down nice n low, then the hardest bit, put your faiths or belief system to one side for a while, then listen with an open mind...
And once you have, please! I beg you, if you know this is a hoax tell me. If you suspect foul play tell me. Maybe i missed something but you know, at the moment I really dont care because i get FAAAR MOOORE Spiritual Satisfaction from listening to these than I do listening to ANY of my British Politicians and there sooo Corrupt & Compramised System.
Our UK System, as with the USA, quite simply, is broken. And I WANT SOMETHING DIFFERENT. So for now, this will have to do, and I will continue to live in my Dream World. Crickey, recentlly its been the only one there for me. Our current Political and Economic System doesnt give a ShiT about me, so go blame me!!!
aaah, you thought that was it didnt you. You thought i was about to round up didnt you. You see, there is another reason why I feel more than comfortable in making this post. There really is another reason why I have no problems making this Posting...LoL!... and lets face it, Im pretty open and well known now, so come one come all, chuck it at me cause I can take it...
But for that My Beloved British Chums, and all my other Readers, you are just going to have to do your own digging. Disclosure is ALL around now, and regardless of the above, Changes are a most definately abound...

is and will be the year

all my love n light to all who seek it
to those who dont
see you on the other side

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