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Wednesday, 10 January 2001

Eric Jon Phelps - Vatican Assassins

The laws, events and leadership in America now are totally foreign to what our Founding Fathers gave us. Today we live under the "control" of a few that are doing precisely what our Founders predicted if we became apathetic.
You and I allowed the problems that exist and now we must correct them non-violently or accept them for our children. All partisan, racial and spiritual boundaries must be (and are being) crossed for the return of citizens with only one label; American, with only one purpose; Freedom.

...Vatican Assassins...
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After Thirty-Eight Years of Suppression (1963 - 2001)
Exposing the Murder of Knight of Columbus
President John F. Kennedy,

by the bloody hand of the Society of Jesus,
by Order of its Jesuit General being
"the Black Pope",
In Command of His Most Obedient Servant,
the "infallible" Pope Paul VI being
"the White Pope",

He Controlling the Soviet KGB
and Jesuit-trained Fidel Castro's Communist Cuba
through the British, Russian and American
Branches of the Knights of Malta,
While in Command of His Jesuit-trained
Most Obedient Servant:

The Archbishop of New York and Knight of Columbus
Francis Cardinal Spellman,

Directing the Cast of Organized American Traitors,
They Being the High Command of
The Knights of Malta,
Shriner Freemasonry
The Knights of Columbus,
The Mafia and therefore,

The New York Council on Foreign Relations
Controlling the "Holy Roman" Fourteenth Amendment American Empire Including Its:

Commander-in-Chief, President Lyndon Johnson,
Federal Government and War Machine,
Federal Reserve Banking System,
Military Industrial Complex,
National "Lucepress" Media,
Federal Bureau of Investigation,
Central Intelligence Agency,
National Security Agency
Secret Service,
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court with his Warren Commission,
Speaker of the House of Representatives with His Assassinations Committee,
and Vietnam War

Eric Jon Phelps, White American Freeman
Dispensational, Fifth Monarchy, Seventh-Day Baptist-Calvinist

Eric Jon Phelps - Vatican Assassins

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