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Thursday, 11 January 2001

An Enlightening Trilogy

All Rights Reserved : Mike Cechanowicz

All Rights Reserved : Mike Cechanowicz

An Enlightening Trilogy

by Mike Cechanowicz
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The Game of games - 14.6Mb - 1hr 5min

2) Hidden Agenda 1of4 - 21.3Mb - 1hr 35min
2) Hidden Agenda 2of4 - 21.3Mb - 1hr 35min
2) Hidden Agenda 3of4 - 21.3Mb - 1hr 35min
2) Hidden Agenda 4of4 - 20.9Mb - 1hr 33min

All Copyrights Reserved by Mike Cechanowicz

The Game of Games

The Game of Games is a 22-page short story 3.1 Mb PDF file. A metaphoric story that delivers a surprisingly and radically different perspective on life and its’ real meaning.

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A Handbook of Spiritual Psychology

A Handbook of Spiritual Psychology - 300 pages US letter format -146 Mb PDF file - presents a solid chain of evidence from six different universal but little known types of human experience and puts them together to form a coherent, practical and easily understandable set of directions for our hidden mental, emotional and spiritual resources. This information is placed into a surprising context of events that are unfolding in our world today and how enlightenment is connected to those events.

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Hidden Agenda

Hidden Agenda – 145 pages US letter format 24 Mb PDF file– presents an alternative and shocking perspective into the true function of society and its relationship to the greater masses. You will find ample documentation that the conclusions that the author has come to will forever change your perceptions about the world you live in. New discoveries concerning the Earth and the greater universe are also included in this work. Hidden Agenda is nothing less than a series of shocking truths that move you from the surface structure of life to the deep structure where all the real truth lies buried. You will discover one of the greatest of all paradoxes close to the end of the book – that what you have been led to believe is totally destructive is, in reality absolutely perfect.

Together, these three books provide the reader with a level of personal, cultural and universal insight that normally take many years of searching to achieve.

The Hidden Agenda is still a work in progress. It will be updated as fine adjustments to the text are made.

= = = = =

Read All about Mike Cechanowicz

Mike Cechanowicz is born in USA, 1950. Mike has been a permanent resident of Norway since 1971 and is now a citizen of that country. Mike is an award-winning artist in advertising photography, artistic photography and painting. In 1990, he began a second career in NLP and hypnosis. Certified as an NLP trainer in 1994, Mike has worked as a psychotherapist, coach, consultant and teacher. His first book was about the psychological-social work environment for the Norwegian Trade Union. Mike owns and leads Active Choice NLP in the outskirts of Oslo, Norway.

Systems thinking skills show how important it is to identify the primary cause that creates the majority of problems within a system. This is to avoid symptom treatment and fire fighting as a system for problem solving. The question about the nature of consciousness is the most essential question one can ask. The answer to that question is the foundation for how we structure our mental maps. That is also the foundation for our perception of mission, identity, values, abilities, morals, boundaries, responsibility, behavior and much more. Modern belief systems about consciousness are in conflict with each other and create an illusion of differences that bind our culture to a self-destructive form for behavior. We must find a better alternative, before it is too late.

The author has used two years to systematize over twenty years of evidence, experience and research results about the nature of consciousness. Through a personal and easily read style he guides the reader through a series of phenomenon and models of understanding that create a unique insight into a very complicated landscape. This shows that much of what we believed to be true is actually wrong, limiting and destructive. The acknowledgement of consciousness as spirit puts us on the right track toward discovering our true self. With this knowledge, we can replace faith with true knowledge. The process demands a form of de-hypnotizing earlier accepted assumptions and belief systems formed by materialism and religion. These make us dependent, unconscious, stupid and helpless. The truth that comes from authorities should never replace the power of authority from knowledge of the truth.

Spiritual self-knowledge provides freedom, independence, passion, co-operation and self realization. Responsibility and ability are in balance with each other. Freedom from fear will help the individual to take control over their lives. We learn through duality to choose and understand the consequences of those choices. That is the essence of unconditional love – freedom to choose.

The Handbook of Spiritual Psychology is written for the beginner and the experienced seeker of the truth. The author shares with the reader his extensive experience in a realm where few people have placed their focus. The book is saturated with practical information. Welcome to a new world where you discover the lost set of directions you always have been looking for.

This book serves also as a professional handbook for those working with people in an advisory capacity. Several of the models that are typical for NLP have been revised and improved.

This book is published in the Norwegian language as, “Livets Håndbok”. It is available for sale through the author’s web site and bookstores in Norway. Price N.Kr. 375 plus delivery. LIVETS HÅNDBOK - ISBN: 978 – 82 – 300 – 0327 – 5

This special English edition is not yet published. I am looking for a publisher. If someone is interested, please contact me:

Mike Cechanowicz
Active Choice NLP as
Øvre Skaulia 15,
3474 Åros, Norway

Telephone: +47 31 28 87 11 – +47 934 25 062

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