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Thursday, 11 January 2001

Dr Michael Wolf Interviews James Courant

Page 133 Connecting the Dots ( Revised Edition)

The Insiders
Dr. Michael Wolf Kruvant

“People need to be willing to accept the unusual,” Dr. Michael Wolf Kruvant told me in one of the 70 or so taped phone conversations over the two years I knew him. I didn’t realize it at the time in 1998, but I was the only journalist to fully take on this story and follow up by visiting him four times in his apartment in Hartford
Conneticut., because I had forged a strong bond with him. Michael Wolf died
in September, 2000, of pancreatic cancer.

This was an incredibly expensive story and incredibly time consuming, since the transatlantic telephone calls always exceeded an hour and cost hundreds of dollars. Michael also had a very real Italian connection, since he lived in Italy for a period of time and was an extra in Fellini’s8 1/2. So it was quite fitting that, as I did with Col. Philip Corso, I convinced my then-editor Maurizio Baiata of Notizario UFOto translate Michael’s book into Italian. It was because of my insistence that his intimate memoir written as science fiction called The Catchers Of Heaven was introduced to the Italian people.

I have never seen a book have such a profound effect on the young people. When I was at Michael’s apartment, I saw letters from all over the world, one in particular from a French physicist who recognized Michael’s expertise and genius and concurred with him on his findings. Researchers needed to just spend an hour with Dr. Michael Wolf in his apartment to understand that not only what he was saying had truth somewhere attached to it, but also to see that he had a most unusual physical appearance. Other people were interested in Michael Wolf. According to his book, he was abducted as a child, did communication experiments with them as a teenager, worked at S-4 in Area 51, cloned a human soldier, worked and lived with ETs there, was an international diplomat and interface for the government and had worked in many black-ops science programs. He maintained he—and many others—are designated for a slow, processed release of information to humanity at large. Pilot researcher Jim Currant helped me contact Wolf. He had done one of the first video interviews of Dr. Wolf and found him interesting. It was later when I verified many things Michael Wolf was talking about that I consequently asked German researcher Michael Hesseman,
who spent a day with Dr. Wolf, to help validate some information about the artifacts he gave us. Dr. Wolf gave my colleague Adriano Forgione and myself two pieces of extraterrestrial craft metal material and asked us, as he asked Michael Hesseman to whom he also gave a piece, to have it tested in Italy. Wolf predicted it would be 99% silicon and 1% extraterrestrial, and that is what the studies at the University of Pisa and in Germany both showed. Our samples wreaked havoc on a cellular phone and disabled it, and allowed my colleague Adriano to go undetected through a metal detector that had stopped him before because of his enormous metal belt buckle. They also gave out quite a bit of energy, which we both felt when we touched its surface.
We in Europe felt that someone who is hiding something does not go to such lengths to contribute so much to the body of UFO knowledge. After having been in this field a while, I can truly say Michael Wolf knew a great deal—not from reading it, but from living it! The details are too much for this book, but I am writing an authorized biography about him which he authorized while he lived. When he would
call me late at night and I was too lazy to tape the conversation, he would say “You’ll be sorry if you don’t do it, because I will not be here someday, and you need to be my spokesman.” It was somewhat like the charge Col. Corso gave me, and it has been an enormous responsibility. I can verify that my colleague Adriano Forgione and I had seen enough documents, photos, and credentials to convince us that this was
a serious story. More importantly, that was the only time both Adriano and I had a contact experience. It scared the living daylights out of Adriano, who had always bragged about wanting to be contacted…and confused me totally! It should be noted that because of my interviews with Wolf, my good friend and 747 pilot Max Poggi and wife Gabriella also flew to Hartford to visit Dr. Wolf and found him to be extremely
credible, especially when he remote-viewed their home in detail. It is
hard to fool Captain Max.

I believe Dr. Wolf to have been monitored occasionally, because there were times when he was so terrified of breaking some oath and being taken to “Danbury prison,” that he would call me. But he was too sick to leave his bed, so he was going nowhere, and it was never my intention to expose “the cover-up.” He gave that detailed information to Dr. Richard Boylan, and those who want the details on those pronouncements should go to Boylan’s website.

To me, he mainly gave the following spiritual messages in his interviews and in numerous conversations with me he verified that he was indeed who he claimed to be. I saw a letter from his famous Charlie character from his book. He was a young actor that Michael knew in his younger days. I was also able to verify his “Italian connection.” He describes the Sporting Hotel and the doorman in Rome, plus Doney’s,
where he used to have coffee. His presence in photos with Italian movie stars says he was there. Michael spoke to many of my friends here on a speaker phone in Italian, and somehow, intuitively, he would know a great deal about them. I came to the conclusion that he was part of a ESP, psychic remote-viewing program for the government, even perhaps a scientific a think tank during the Reagan years. His abilities were astounding. I remember how excited he was when a British reader contacted him because some fraternity at MIT was looking for him after his records had supposedly been erased. He talked enough about being at Magill, Georgia Tech and MIT to convince anyone who bothers to listen. The stories were personal…and secret as those black ops programs that trained him. He would reiterate, “Read the book! I am the Book! It is in the book!”

For the unbelieving—those who never bothered to talk to him or visit him since 1996—Dr. Wolf remains a mystery and an enigma. His life was complicated, and it is not ethical to only believe those people who try to debunk Michael without ever having known him. I was very moved to see that Michael is very akin to John Nash in A Beautiful Mind because of his fragile mental state but enormous love for mankind,
especially “the children of the planet.” Unlike in Nash’s story, people have not recognized, nor been kind or respectful to, this charismatically gentle soul. His health-care giver, whom I will call “Bob,” called him a “noble man who had a lot to share with mankind.” They fell in love with Michael Wolf, as did all those who knew him well. I long realized that too many things do not fall into neat little piles
in this story, especially with Dr. Wolf’s physical and medical records. His physiognomy was strange. His pupils were dark green and his… blood chemistry, although he had diabetes, was uncommon. His house was filled with textbooks, beakers and scientific equipment, and three computers, one with a voice-activated system. He had a genius-level understanding of quantum mechanics when he supposedly flunked out
of college in his first year, and he got a D in Science. Few people could follow his complex mind when he talked of quantum mechanics, Judicial Law theories, or a “third DNA helix.” Many times he lost the listener. He would often repeat to me “you can’t put the Universe in a box, honey!” I would try to follow him, and, as I did, I found myself growing intellectually. Then he would laugh infectiously and tell me to
read about “super string theory,” because he found it valid. Several military researchers and scientists clandestinely visited him, and I will not go into details. For being a supposed “nobody,” these visits appeared to be strange to me. Just the fact that right after his death, his apartment was cleaned up of all documents, computers and databases tells me something, and the fact that the big guns are out to debunk him two years after his death says something. I predict that

Dr. Michael Wolf Kruvant will be proven to be one of the top players in the disclosure process via his novel Catchers of Heaven, which, like many others like Jacques VallĂ©e’s Fastwalker and Ed Fouche’s Alien Rapture, mixed fiction and non-fiction. These authors sought to maintain “official deniability”! Luckily, Dr. Wolf will not disappear in history if only because we in Italy translated his work and it is widely read. Today Michael lives and still inspires! It is all part of his strange destiny!

Paola Harris (PH): Michael, there is a growing consensus that the public is being gradually conditioned for eventual disclosure of UFOs and extraterrestrials. Do you think this is an accurate perception?

Michael Wolf (MW): This will be true because the group that I am still advising is using the Learning Channel and the Discovery Channel to get people acclimated to the idea that “We are not alone.” The Learning Channel and the Discovery Channel do not produce fiction. This is an accurate perception. It is all factual.

PH: Is the public ready for it, in your opinion?

MW: Some are. Some are not. The people who believe that they are the center of the universe are never going to change their minds ‘till one lands in their back yard, then they’ll say it might be a Disney thing. The same people who don’t believe in UFOs don’t believe that man ever went to the moon.

PH: Are the lawsuits by Peter Gersten of CAUS having an impact in the intelligence community?

MW: No. They are not considered an important problem.

PH: There have been increasing numbers of sightings of extremely large triangular craft, including Belgium, Phoenix, and the recent reports from the Illinois Police. What can you tell us about the origins of these triangular craft? What are their agendas? Who is flying them?

MW: Well, the very large ones are not being flown by humans. Maybe there are some triangular experimental craft, but they are not completely silent, and we are miles—not miles away, but years away from recreating anti-gravity vehicles, to my knowledge. We are years away from duplicating UFOs, as far as I know. Some triangular
vehicles are said to be like three football fields in length and width, and there is nothing to keep them up there. They are defying gravity.

PH: What about Illinois? Have you heard about this?

MW: They are coming from all over. The Phoenix lights were huge, and there was a blatant cover-up. They said “Oh yes. We were putting up flares.” Flares fall. These Phoenix lights did not fall. They put flares up to try to confuse people.

PH: There is a division in the field of UFOlogy as to the alleged benevolence
or hostile nature of ETs, which include allegations that many violent abductions are staged black ops meant to propagate fear and suspicion against aliens. Do you concur regarding these violent abductions?

MW: There are minimal negative abductions. John Mack’s Passport to the Cosmos, which I just received from him, does point to a transformation of most abductees—and to multiple abductions by aliens alone. And yes, there have been some sloppy abductions by humans parading as aliens or “human-form aliens” wearing human uniforms; and yes, there is part of the anti-alien forces that is trying to confuse people about abductions. Military abductions are not as widespread as a lot of people think.

PH: OK. Now how would they do that? Are they cloned aliens or are they like holographic images?

MW: They are more like holographic images. As a matter of fact, I know of several cases when they were able to put their arms and fingers through these so-called aliens which weren’t aliens, and then occasionally they would see a uniform and a human. They made errors in the holographic program.

PH: What is your opinion on the benevolent ET/hostile ET issue? MW: Most are benevolent. Occasionally some get through the alien barrier, but they don’t generally come back. They don’t come back here once they are spotted and identified. Once they have hidden agendas, once they are identified, they are barred from coming

PH: Who does this? Do we do this? Do the benevolent aliens...?

MW: Benevolent, (laugh)...they are not goodie-goodie. But they don’t want negative interference, for the most part. The negative ETs might get through occasionally, and that is what anti-alien UFOlogists point out. But those are out of a myriad of races, and they are few and far between. I think John Mack is possibly one of the best experts on this subject. I completely go along with him, and he has read my book, and he does agree completely with me. He is telling it the way it is. He does not interpret data. He collects massive amounts of data. He says that these so-called “negative abductions” are 0.01 of 1% of all the rest of them. It’s those who misinterpret deliberately who have anti-alien agendas, and who—we all know who they are—write in their books that they are robotic. No grey is robotic, unless it is a holographic projection by humans Next!

PH: Can you expand on the dual nature of man, and how you see it relating to the Hopi prophecies regarding the fate of our planet for the year 2012?

MW: I don’t think we have anything to worry about. Gradually the whole world is going to know that we are not alone. Two channels, the Discovery Channel and the Learning Channel, which never produce fiction Discovery to discover the truth, and The Learning Channel to learn about it have been producing positive evidence
of “alien intervention in human affairs” to try to keep us away from such prophesies. Prophesies are not written in stone they can be changed by man.

PH: They can be changed by man?

MW: Why do you think God gave man “free will” rather than making us subjects of “one” reality? All the goodness has already been planted like trees and is sprouting. Read The Catchers of Heaven and read the truth in it.

PH: What about going into the “Fifth World,” as Native Americans believe, going from the “Fourth World to the Fifth”? Is that just a world of enlightenment then?

MW: It is more figurative—not literally a fifth world. I mean, we don’t know even the fourth dimension. We can do the fourth dimension in math and physics. There are many dimensions—at least eleven.

[end of Part One interview]


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