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Monday, 1 January 2001

A Natural Born Sovereign Autopsy

watch on youtube

watch on youtube
(this was inspired by a vision i had)

jsm: actually done this for the purposes of being able to link the vid to other relevant sources.
love light n learn all

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jsm said...

Captured Alien Being interviewed - Secret leaked documents

Alien Interview based on the events of Roswell. This author received a package from a woman claiming to be a nurse in Roswell who was the conduit between a recovered ET body and the Military.

The alien communicated telopathically only, and would only communicate with her. Some of the things the ET tells her is how Earth came about, genetic engineering, how we got to this planet, creation of animals, timeline of Earth, how they crashed and interviews conducted by Military with the ET.

All based off real top secret documents. Has anyone else read this book? what do you think?